Welcome to my vikiland

I am Dany, proud member of the community.

I am here to contribute as a volunteer and to watch my favorite shows that are mostly korean productions.

(I translate from english, portuguese, spanish and hungarian to romanian)

My favorite motto:

"Our writing and creativity are squeezed in between family, work and sleep.
Our writing and creativity are put on the back burner.
For creative people, this is a kind of soul starvation."




Father is Strange - Moderator, Subtitler (6) 

Queen for Seven Days - Subtitler

Bad Thief, Good Thief - Subtiler

Bride of the water God - Moderator, Subtitler

The King Loves - Moderator, Editor

Chinese (slow progress)

Surgeons - Subtitler (1)

Just For You - Subtitler (1)

Across the ocean to see you - Moderator, Subtitler (3) 




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Contactati-ma prin mesageria privata pentru intrebari, sugestii, nelamuriri.




(seriale traduse de elevii RVT - translated by RVT students)

Warrior Baek Dong Soo (CM) - EU - [Completed]

Swallow the Sun (CM) - EU - [Completed]

Ja Myung Go (CM) - EU - [Completed]

Temptation of Wife (Ro Mod.) - EU - [Completed]

Iljimae (CM) - EU - [Completed]

Smile, Mom (CM) - EU - [Completed]

East of Eden (Ro Mod) - EU - [On going]

Childless Comfort  (Ro Mod) - EU - [On Going]


Index: CM (channel manager); Ro Mod. (romanian moderator); EU (Europe)



100% Finished:

Secret Garden [Ko drama,2010] - Subtitler
My Princess [Ko drama,2011] - Subtitler
Big [Ko drama,2012] - Subtitler
Ghost [Ko drama,2012] - Subtitler
I do I do [Ko drama,2012] - Subtitler
The great doctor/Faith [Ko drama,2012] - Subtitler
I miss you [Ko drama, 2012] - Subtitler, Moderator (ro), Page designer
Cheongdam-dong Alice [Ko drama, 2012] - Subtitler
Answer me 1997/Reply 1997 [Ko drama, 2012] - Subtitler
That winter, the wind blows [Ko drama, 2013] - Moderator, Subtitler, Pg. designer
Oh la la couple [Ko drama, 2012] - Moderator, Subtitler, Pg designer, Editor
Shark [Ko drama, 2013] - Subtitler
Gu Family Book [Ko drama, 2013] - Moderator (ro)
Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love [Ko drama, 2013] - Moderator (ro)
Rude Miss Young Ae [sitcom Ko drama, season 11] - Channel Manager, Subtitler, Page designer
Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek [Ko drama, 2013] - Moderator, Subtitler
Master's Sun [Ko drama, 2013] - Moderator (ro), Subtitler
Secret (love) [Ko drama, 2013] - Subtitler
Marry Him If You Dare [Ko drama, 2013] - Subtitler
Heirs [Ko drama, 2013] - Subtitler
Basketball [Ko drama, 2013] - Moderator (ro), Subtitler
Reply 1994 [Ko drama, 2013] - Moderator, Subtitler
Miss Korea [Ko drama, 2014] - Subtitler 
Can We Love [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
Inspiring Generation [Korean drama, 2014] - Subtitler
God's Gift [Korean Drama, 2014] - Subtitler
Three Days [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler, Page Designer
You're all surrounded [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
Triangle [Korean drama, 2014] - Subtitler
Wonderful Days [Korean drama, 2014] - Subtitler
It's Okay, That's Love [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
Discovery of Love [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
The Night Watchman [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
She's so lovable [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
Hi! School-love on [Korean drama, 2014] - Subtitler
Valid Love [Korean drama, 2014] - Subtitler
HEALER [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
Punch [Korean drama, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler
Spy [Korean drama, 2015] - Subtitler
Heart to Heart [Korean, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
Mischievous kiss, Love in Tokyo 2 [Japanese, 2015] - Subtitler
Hyde, Jekyll and Me [Korean, 2015] - Subtitler
Shine or Go Crazy [Korean, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
Blood [Korean, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
Super Daddy 10 [Korean, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
A girl who sees smells [Korean, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
Missing Noir M [Korean, 2015] - Subtitler
Warm and cozy [Korean, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
High Society [Korean, 2015] - Subtitler
The time I've loved you [Korean, 2015] - Subtitler
She was pretty [Korean, 2015] - Subtitler
Full House [Korean, 2004] - Moderator, Subtitler
D-day [Korean, 2015] - Subtitler
Adolescence Medley [Minidrama KBS] - Channel Manager, Subtitler
Splash Splash Love [Korean, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
Oh My Venus [Korea, 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
Sweet Savage Family [Korean, 2015] - Subtitler
You are the only one [Korean 2015] - Moderator, Subtitler
Please come back, Mister [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
My little baby [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Fifteen Years Of Waiting for Migratory Birds [China, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Goodbye Mr. Black [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Gap Dong [Korean, 2014] - Subtitler
Cheese in the trap [Korean, 2016] - Subtitler
Lucky Romance [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Mirror of the Witch [Korean, 2016] - Moderator
Beautiful Mind [Korean, 2016] - Subtitler
Reply 1988 [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
W [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Moonlight drawn by clouds [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtiler
On the way to the airport [Korean, 2016] - Subtitler
Shopping King Louie [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Woman with a suitcase [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
The man living in our house [Korean, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Oh My Geum Bi [Korea, 2016] - Moderator, Subtitler
Romantic Doctor Kim [Korea, 2016 - 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler
Goblin [Korea, 2016 - 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler
Solomon's Perjury [Korea, 2016 - 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler
Hwarang [Korea, 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler
Laurel Tree Tailor [Korea, 2016- 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler 
Chief Kim [Korea, 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon [Korea, 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler
Saimdang Light's Diary [Korea, 2017] - Subtiler
Rebel, the thief who stole the people [Korean, 2017] - Subtitler
Mystery Queen [Korean, 2017] - Moderator, Subtitler

Queen In Hyun's Man - subtitler
Haundae Lovers - subtitler (few lines)
Entertainment Korea - subtitler (no more)



For Horrowitz [Korean Movie, 2006] - Moderator, Page design, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

The Secret [Taiwanese Movie] - Moderator [COMPLETED]
He was cool [Korean Movie, 2004] - Channel Manager, Moderator, Editor, Page Designer *

* English and Romanian [COMPLETED] [Taken Down]

Amika [German Series] - Moderator  [COMPLETED]

Pandaman Heroic Detective [Hong Kong Movie] - Moderator, Subtitler - [COMPLETED]

Le Jun Kai [Movie/China] - Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Mischievous Kiss - Love in Tokyo [Japanese Drama] Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Let's Eat [Korean Drama] - Moderator, Editor [COMPLETED]

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop [Korean Drama] - Moderator, Editor (ro) 

Murder, she wrote [USA] - Moderator, Subtitler - DELETED CHANNEL

Black Jack [Japanese Anime Series] - Moderator, Subtitler - Taken Down

Kkokuri San [Japanese Movie] - Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Bokura No Houteishiki [Japanese Movie] - Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Full House [Thai version] - Subtitler, Editor, Co-mod [COMPLETED]

A Hole In My Panty [Japanese Movie] - Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Love Stories from Fukuoka [Japan] - Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Cubic [Thai] Subtitler (helper) [COMPLETED]

Days with you [Japanese movie] - Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Permanent Nobara [Japanese Movie] Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]- License expired

Tomorrow Cantabile [Korea, 2014] Moderator till ep. 8 [COMPLETED]

V Love [Chinese] - Subtitler - [COMPLETED]

Be arrogant [Korean, 2014] - Moderator, Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Two Fathers - Proiect Terminatorii  [License expired]

I am Ghost [Japanese movie] - Moderator, subtitler - [COMPLETED]

Drama Highlights - Moderator, subtitler 

Cruel Romance [Chinese drama, 2015] - Helping subber

Sealed with a kiss [Chinese drama] - moderator [COMPLETED]

As One [Korean Movie] - moderator, subtitler [COMPLETED]

SBS DRAMA AWARDS 2015 - manager, subtitler 

Beautiful Secret [Chinese drama, 2015] - subtitler [COMPLETED]

Deranged [Korean Movie] - moderator, subtitler [COMPLETED]

Golden Cross [Korean Drama] - moderator, subtitler - Ongoing

The unjust [Korean Movie] - moderator [COMPLETED]

Open city [Korean Movie] - moderator [COMPLETED]

When I was the prettiest [Drama Special] - moderator, subtitler - [COMPLETED]

Wedding Day [Korean Movie] - Moderator, subtitler - [COMPLETED]

Helpless [Korean Movie] - Moderator, Subtitler - [COMPLETED]

Tong Memories [Korean Drama] - Subber (ep. 2, 6, 10) [COMPLETED]

Unexpected-Life Drama Specials [Korean] - Moderator, Subtitler - Ongoing

Forecast Love [Korean Movie] - Subtitler [COMPLETED]

The Happy Life [Korean Movie] - Moderator [COMPLETED]

Once upon a time [Korean Movie] - Moderator, Subtitler - Ongoing

Lady Girls [Japanese] - Subtitler [COMPLETED]

Life Risking Romance [Korean Movie] - Subtitler [COMPLETED]

The King [Korean Movie] - Subtitler [COMPLETED]

New Trial [Korean Movie] - [COMPLETED]



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When a man loves [2013]; Golden Time [2012]; Two Weeks [2013]; Dr. Jin [2012]; 

Mother's Garden [2014]; Dear my friends [2016]; The day after we broke up [2016]; Missing 9 [2017];

Introvert Boss [2017]; Radiant Office [2017];