I love languages!




I always have. I love words and am always looking for a new word to add to my vocabulary.
My first love was French, and all I could think of since I was 15. I languished for many years because I couldn't go to Paris. Then along the way I learned a little Spanish, then I worked for an Albanian couple and leaned Shqipe in about six weeks. (Only enough to exchange pleasantries, and then I quit on it.) I dabbled with Portuguese and Hebrew, Latin, and Mandarin then because of kdramas, I fell in love again, with Korean and have been diligently and formally studying for about a year, and not so diligently for another 3 years.   I have no one to talk to however, and that has been a problem. I get my daily practice listening by watching numerous Korean dramas.

I'm an American Halmoni who is intrigued by all things Korean. I got hooked on Kdrama in Feb of 2008 when I came across Here comes Ajumma on KBC with English Subs. Since that time, I've watched over 200 series I've watched several series more than once. Some up to 5 times, or a favorite episode 10 times. I've also watched about 50 movies. I have developed a mental checklist of things that make it truly a kdrama. (e.g. Amnesia, mistaken identity, a broken heel, a face slap etc.)
My favorite drama is usuailly the one I'm currently watching.
Right now that would be:  Yong Pal,The Time I Loved You, I Remember You,  Hwajung,  A Second Life,   Partners by Blood (rewatch),,  Servant of Two Masters .Perfect Couple  (rewatch)  

As a result of the kdrama I developed an interest in Korean food, and have been making my own kimchi regularly. I make Pa jun, bulgogi, kimchi jjigae dukkbokki, and braised burdock root, I need to learn more side dishes. Because of QoR I want to try to make Dwenjang Jjigae. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I'm taking Pimsleur Korean and I notice I'm understanding more and more Korean.
I also watch Japanese and Taiwanese dramas, although less consistently.
I enjoy tweaking subs so that they are acceptable grammar and comfortable English. I have done some translating to French but mostly I'm an editor. I was official editor for the first time for Prosecutor Princess and PS Man. Now,
I'm  was Channel Manager for the So Ji Sub Artist channel  before viki switched to Celebrity Channels.
Recently Watched:

Project Makeover
Escape from Charisma
Temptation or Wolves

One Sunny Day
High School King of Savvy
Mask 08/15
Divorce Lawyer in Love
Masked Prosecutor
Warm and Cozy
Unkind Women 07-15
Lets Eat 2
My Unfortunate Boyfriend 06-15
Falling for Soo Jung 06-15
A Matter of Interpretation (SIFF movie)  theatre 05-15
Sensory Couple 05-15
HongGil Dong (rewatched) 05-15
EmpressKi 05-15
Let's Eat (rewatch) 04-15
Moon Embracing the Sun (rewatch) 04-15
Tree with Deep Roots (rewatch)04/15
Shine or Go Crazy  04/15
Delightful Girl ChoonHyang Rewatch  ​ 04/15
HoGoo's/Fool;s Love 03-15
Mischievious Kiss 2 in Tokyo 03-15
Hyde, Jekyll, Me  03-15
Miss Granny (movie) 03-15   2X
The Pirates (movie rewatch)03/15
The Technicians (Movie rewatch) 03-15
Seowan School Girls Detectives 03-15
Snow Queen rewatch 03-15
Kill Me/ Heal Me 03-15
Trace of Love (Movie 03-15
Daisy (Movie) 03-15
Girl Scouts (movie) 03-15
The Legendary Witch 03-15
Detective. K:  The Lost Island (Movie) 03-15
Detective. K: Virutous Widow (Movie) 03-15 2X
C'est Si Bon (Movie) 03-15
Ode To My Father (Movie) 03-15  2X
Valid Love 03-15
The Suspect (rewatch)  02-14
The Good Doctor 02-14
The King's Face 02-14
Modern Farmer  01-14
Pride and Prejudice 01-14
Pinnochio  01-14
 Incomplete Life  12=14
Mr. Baek 12-14
Be Arrogant 12-14
The Secret Door  12-14
Tomorrrow's Cantabile,12-14
Blade Man  11-14
Love Cells  11/14
The Face Reader  (movie)  11/14
The Fatal Encounter (Movie) 11-14
The Night Watchman's Journal,11-14
She's So Loveable 11-14
M  (Movie)  10/14
Love,Myself or You?  10-14
My Secret Hotel 10 -14
Zettai Kareshi Special Movie Ep 12 (rewatch) 10-14
Zettai Kareshi (rewatch)  10-14
Plus Nine Boys 10-14
Steal My Heart (Movie)  10-14
Discovery of  Romance,10-14
Love  On Air  (Movie)  10/14
Snow Piercer (at the theatre)  09/14
Secretly, Greatly (Movie)  09/14
My Love from Another Star (rewatch) 09/14
Perfect Couple  09-14
Temptation 09/14
The Pirates  (Movie at the theatre)  TWICE   09/14
 It's Okay, That's Love, 09/14
Thr Berlin File (Movie) 09/14
Joseon Gunman 08/14
Fated to Love You (Korean) 08/14
Kundo:  Age of the Rampant (Movie at the theatre)  08/14
The Admiral:  Roaring Currents (Movie at the theatre)  08/14
Code Name:  JACKAL  (Movie)  09/14
The Huntresses (Movie) 08/14 2x
Skip Beat! 08/14
Mariage nor Dating 08/14
Architecture 101 (Movie)  08/14
Fall in Love with Me,08/ 14
I Hear Your Voice (rewatch) 08/14
Always (Movie) rewatch  08/14
Trot Lovers 08/14
Hotel King,07/14
Three Days (Rewatch)  07/14
AKA Dan 07/14
You're All Surrounded 07/14
Doctor Stranger, 07/14
JeJoongwon  07/14
A New Leaf 07/14
Wild Chives and Soybean Soup 07/14
Partners by Blood  06/14, 
Golden Cross   06/14, 
Big Man  06/14
Angel Eyes  06/14
My Love, Madame Butterfly (rewatch) 06/14
She's On Duty (movie rewatch)  05/14
Three Days 05/14  
Cunning Single Lady 05/14
The Master's Sun (rewatch)  04-14
God's Gift 14 Days   04-14
The Sword with No Name  04-14
Bride of the Century 04/14
Beyond the Clouds,04/14
Sa Kwa/Apple/Apology Movie 04-14
Emergency Couple 04-14
Kang Goo's Story 04-14
Golden Rainbow 04-14
Deja Vu  (movie)  3-14
A Little Love Never Hurts  03-14
Hope of Dating (Movie Rewatch) 13-14
Monopoly (Movie) 03-14
Passionate Love 03-14
The Hours of My Life (Japanese)  03-14
Let's Eat  03-14
Shut Up Flower Boy Band 03-14
I Need Romance 3  03-14
Heaven's Soldiers (Moivie)  03-14
Love Me Not (movie) 03-14
Miss Korea  03-14
My Lover from Another Star  02-14
Innocent Steps  (movie)  ReRewatch 02-14
Fly Daddy Fly (2x)  02-14
Two Weeks (rewatch)  02-14
The Prime Minister and I  02/14
A Day in 1951( Movie)  02/14
Moon Embracing the Sun (Rewatch)  2/14
The Client   {mOVIE) 1/14
Crazy First Love 1/14
Please Teach Me English 1/14 Rewatch
Antarctic Journal 1/14
What's Up?  .1/14
Faith REWATCH 1/14
Pretty Man 01/14
Clinic on The Sea. 01/13
Medical Top Team 12-13
Heirs 12-13
Unemployed Romance,12-13
Marry Him If You Dare 12-13
Suspicious Housemaid 11-13
|Secret 11-13
Just You 11-13
 Love Around,11-13
Scandal: A shocking and wrongful incident  10-13  Such an amazing moral tale,  loved Kim Jae Won
Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang 10-13  Seen all the Hong Sisters now!
Her Legend 10-13
A Perfect Match (Movie) 10-13
Hope For Dating (Movie) 10-13
Good Doctor 10-13  All time fave!
Master's Sun Tw10-13      So Ji Sub is the best!
Bad Couple aka Perfect Match  (Movie) 10-13
Two Weeks 09-13
Fly, Daddy, Fly (movie)  09-13
Who Are You  09-13
Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy 09-14
Love Now  36 ep version  09-13
The Blade and the Petal 09-13,
Call of the Country aka /Secret Agent Miss Oh  09/13
You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin 08/13
Spy Myung Wol  08-13
Monstar 8-13
I Hear Your Voice 8-13
Shark 8-13
Mischievous Kiss/Love in Toyko  07/13
Dating Agency Cyrano 7-13
It Started with a Kiss 2 (They Kiss Again)  07/13
Poison Frog (movie)
Cyrano Dating Agency (the movie)  07/13
It Started With A Kiss  (Taiwan)  07/13
Nail Shop Paris  06/13
Birth Secret  06/13
Gu Family Book (There is sequel wiritten  all over it.)  6/13
Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love 6-13
Love Me Not (movie 2006)
Secret Garden (Rewatch)  06/13
When A Man Loves (06/13)
Becoming A Billionaire (05/13)
Nine:  Nine Time Travels 05/13
The Legend. Rewatch  05/13
IRIS II 04/13
Office Girls (Chinese)  04/13
The Righteous Thief  (Movie)
My Love, Madame Butterfly  (Best 51 episodes ever)  04-2013
That Winter the Wind Blows 04-13
God of Study 3-13
Level 7 Civil Servant 3 13 So much fun and Great Cast!
School 2013 3-13
Once Upon A Time in Corea (movie)
Jeni, Juno (movie)
Perfect Match (movie)3-13
Soldier/God of War 2/13
Marathon (movie) 2/13
More Than Blue (movie) 2/13
Cheongdam-dong Alice1/13
I Miss You 1/13
King of Dramas 01/13
Can We Get Married? 1/13
A Beautiful Life (Chinese Movie) 1/13
The Quiz Show Scandal (Movie)
Penny Pinchers (movie)
God's Quiz 3
Miss Rose (Taiwanese) 01/13
Glove (Movie) 12/12
Project Makeover (Movie)
May Queen 12.12
Can You Hear My Heart? (rewatch)
Vampire Prosecutor 2
Full House Take 2 12/12
Dancing Queen (Movie 2012)
Spring Bears Love (movie 2003)
Lovers in Paris (rewatch)
Kimjongilia (Documentary2009)
Almost Love (Movie 2006)
Oooh la la Couple, 12/12
Five Fingers 11/12
The Third Hospital 11/12
God's Quiz 2
Faith - I so loved this, even the ending.
The Vineyard Man 10.21.12
Arang & the Magistrare
Panda & Hedgehog
To the Beautiful You,
God's Quiz
Haeundae Lovers
Golden Time,
Dr. Champ - rewatch
Bridal Mask
Hero (2009)
Time Slip Dr. Jin
Gentleman's Dignity
I Need Romance 2012
Ghost (So Ji Sub keeps doing better and better stuff!
Man of Honor/Young Love Jae In
Bqby Faced Beauty
Late Autumn (Shot here in Seattle, What a treat!)
Big (so Sweet! Gong Yoo is an amazing actor.)
Queen In Hyeon's Man (I watched this twice straight in a row)
Wild Romance (Rewatch, great the 2nd time, too.)
I Do, I Do
The Recipe (Movie 2010) My ALL TIME FAVE Korean Movie
Sunlight Upon Me (2002)
Good Morning, President (2009) Movie
Love So Divine (Movie)
The ESP Couple (Movie)
Someday (2006)
Alone in Love (2006)
Perfect Couple (Movie) 2007
Take Care of My Cat (Movie) Rewatch
Love Rain
Princess' Man ( AGAIN)
Equator Man
King 2 Hearts
Rooftop Prince
Three Brothers
Escaping from Charisma (movie)
Wish Upon A Star (rewatch)
She's On Duty (movie 2005)
Innocent Steps (Movie - rewatched)
Christmas in August (Movie rewatch)
Did We Really Love (1999)
Stroll (Movie)
Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo (2006)
Take Care of My Cat (movie)
Sandglass (1995)
Feast of the Gods
Operation Proposal, (Very Amazing!)
A Million (Movie)
Swallow the Sun
Shoot for the Stars(2001)
Take Good Care of Us, Captain
The Moon Embracing the Sun,
Bachelor's Vegetable Store,
A Second Proposal
Wild Romance
Kimchi Family
A Thousand Kisses
Padam, Padam
The Crucible (Movie)
Crime Squad
Can't Lose
Protect the Boss
Take Care of the Young Lady,
Rolling Home With a Bull (Movie),
Vampire Prosecutor,
Baking King, Kim Tak Gu
The Musical,
Deep Rooted Tree,
A Thousand Days Promise,
Flower Boy Ramen Shop,
Mary Stayed Out Last Night/Mary, Marry Me,
Can You Hear My Heart,
The Princess' Man,
City Hunter,
Lie to Me,
The Greatest Love, (it's hilarious),
Romance Town,
The Duo
and I just finished the last bit of Glass Slipper.
Also Finished recently:
Royal Family,
Paradise Farm.
49 Days,
Telecinema series,
Happy Together (1999)
My Princess, and

I hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I do.