NOTE.  If you're viewing my profile for CM work - Demigods and Semidevils, CM, with around 7k subs and 3k segments, due to a malfunction they are still trying to clear up.  Also my NSSA Sandbox image keeps freaking out and blanking too...sigh.

"MAKE YOUR LIFTING SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS,"  - platform t-shirt worn 4/1/17.  No, that's not me in the photo...I'm a lot taller. :)



Completed CM projects:

Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008).  50 Episodes 50, English complete 2/25/17.  CM, Sole editor, Eng Mod, and segmenter running ahead of my wonderful crew :) 

Song of Phoenix (2017, on air).  Mandarin to English,  78 Episodes 78.  English complete 6/23/17.  Co-CM, Sole editor, Eng Mod, and segmenter, with the best crew I could ever wish for. :)  Truly...Mei Ren. :)

A Swordsman in the Wilderness (2011)  Mandarin to English, 33 Episodes 33. English complete 6/26/17. Co-CM.  Sole editor.  Eng Mod.  Segmenter, with the great crew on a Ming Dynasty martial arts/comedy.  We rescued it from oblivion. :)

Men with Sword, Season 1 (2016) - Mandarin to English, 30 Episodes 30  English complete 8/20/17.  CM, Sole editor.  Eng Mod.  Segmenter. Mei Daxia Team with a political costume drama.  :)  

Untouchable Lovers (2018) - Mandarin to English, 52 episodes 52  Mei Daxia Team - completed 5/3/2018.  CM.  Sole ditor.  Eng Mod.  Segmenter.  Subtitler.  Mei Daxia Team with a political, historical, costume drama :)

A Scholar Dream of Woman (2015).  Mandarin to English, 47 Episodes 47 Gone With the Shirt Team - completed 6/7/2018.  Co-CM with Serenite78. Sole editor.  Eng Mod.  Segmenter.  Republican era drama, with a great deal of melodrama and historical content.

The Four Scholars of Jiangnan (2014).  Mandarin to English, 42 Episodes 42.  Gone With the Shirt Team - completed May 2018.  Co-CM with Serenite78.  Sole editor.  Eng Mod.  Segmenter.  Subtitler.  Ming Dynasty comedy, with astonishing amounts of puns, couplets, fortune-telling, fast-paced and witty dialogue, a very challenging drama overall!  

Legend of the Chinese Zodiac (2011).  Mandarin to English,  34 Episodes 34. NSSA's previous training ground, now being completed for the fans. :)


Current CM projects (on-air):

Story of Ming Lan (2018), Mei Daxia.  Mandarin to English, 76 Episodes 76!  First episode expected end of December 2018.  We are very excited to have another quality drama!


Current CM projects (on-book):  

Perfect Couple (2014).  Mei Daxia. Mandarin to English, sub and seg repairs plus editing in 1-22, then the rest (23-45) will be new construct.  45 Episodes 45. Repairs of 1-22 now complete, editing, translation are both in 24. 

Investiture of the Gods (2014), Mandarin to English, Co-CM with Kim_Ji_Yoo, in the process of resurrection, sub in 19, editing in 2, 75 Episodes 75. (NSSA training ground also, not a rush project)


CM project removed while in progress - so we were not allowed to complete it.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013)  Currently close to finishing segmenting, subtitles in Episode 33, editing in episode 31.  54 Episodes 54


Pending CM projects:  This list is the full list of what I had before 8/29/17 when they deleted all the fan channels - those are the strikeouts - plus all the pending I hope will be licensed.  Some have aired already, but may still get a license...

no license. The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017), 60 Episodes 60!  (Tang Dynasty, palace intrigue, the upright girl vs all of the folks and plots!)  still rather wish they would license this after the fact, there is plenty of interest still out there.

no license. The Advisors Alliance ( June 1, 2017).  60 Episodes 60!  (Three Kingdoms, the story of Sima Yi, and his politicially adept women...vs Cao Cao's heirs!  Who will end up winning the game!)

Phoenix Warriors (2017) 70 Episodes 70 :)  Historical fantasy with Joe Cheng!

Rule The World (2017).  No license so far, Fan Channel resurrected- already aired 2018 -  46 Episodes 46.  (Time travel - modern girl meets Nurhaci, early Qing Dynasty.  A doomed fate...can she overcome it?)

Win the World aka Legend of Ba Qing (possibly airing July 6, 2018) - no license so far, Fan Channel resurrected?, - CO-CM Bjohnsonwong - (66 Episodes) (Female entrepeneur of Qin Dynasty, based on a true story!  Can a widow truly Win the World? the Empress of China Team...!)

Great Expectations (already aired 2018)  Yuan Hong...1920's Shanghai.  Watch the Trailers, wow!

Smiling Proud Wanderer - (already aired 2018) - with Bjohnsonwong.  50 episodes 50 of Jin Yong. :)

Hero's Dream (already aired 2018)  - 36 episodes 36 of...more...lovely men in armor and romance...politics...!  HIstorical with Da Jun of Chu from Song of Phoenix!  

Peace in the Palace, Peace in Chang'An  (2018?) - 70 episodes 70 Ahhhh the Sui/Tang Dynasty changeover...Li Shimin...alll the good stuff! :)  Historical!

Emperor's Guard (2018 or 2019?)  50 episodes 50 of history and romance.  Watch the trailers - this may be more than meets the eye!

Da Song Bei Wei Department (2018 or 2019?) 40 episodes 40 of historical intrigue and mystery....


Current projects other than CM

Story of Yanxi Palace - 70 episodes 2018 - The Gentle Empress Team - English Moderator, Editor, sub/seg if needed

Legend of Ruyi - 87 episodes 2018 - Qing Hair and Those Who Dare - English Moderator, Editor, sub/seg if needed

Home Sweet Home - English Moderator, transcribing and segmenting 


Completed projects other than CM:

Ashes of Love - 60 episodes 2018 - Gone With the Shirt Team - English Moderator, Editor, and segmenter.

Oriental Odyssey - 50 episodes, 2018, Tang Yamen Team - English Moderator/Chief Editor and Lyrics Translator - this turned out to be botted :( so it's more of a repair than anything else.  

The Palace - Movie 2013 release - The Palace Team - English Moderator, Translator and Editor.

Oh My General! - 60 episodes 2018 - Gone With the Shirt Team - English Moderator and technical editor, and subtitler

Nirvana in Fire 2:  The Winds of Chang Lin, 50 episodes, 2017 - English Moderator and  technical editor  (translation, segment and English editor)

Mr. Six - Chief Editor

Because This is My First Life - Segmenting

Rebel Who Stole the People -  Segmenting

The Duo - English subs

Bring it on Ghost   - segmenting

Air City  - English subs and segmenting

One Fine Day - English subs and segmenting

Next -  English subs

Code 13 -   segmenting

Hooray for Love - English Moderator, transcribing and segmenting

Live globally, and truly have it all.  Xenophobia should die a rattling, boring, and OVERDUE DEATH!