"MAKE YOUR LIFTING SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS,"  - platform t-shirt worn 4/1/17.

The present author is learning Chinese - and is aware the ability is currently lacking, seeking improvement, please be patient and communicate in English.

"kokoro" and "mushin" are more than words, if you truly own them.  For those who do, no explanation need be given.


Completed CM projects:

Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008).  50 Episodes 50, English complete 2/25/17.


Current CM projects:  

A Swordsman in the Wilderness (2011)  Mandarin to English, subtitles in Episode 21, editing in episode 21.  33 Episodes 33.

Song of Phoenix (2017, on air).  Mandarin to English, subtitles in Episode 27, editing in episode 25.  81 Episodes 81.

Legend of the Chinese Zodiac (2011).  Mandarin to English, clean up of old contributions underway.  34 Episodes 34.


CM project removed while in progress - so we were not allowed to complete it.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013)  Currently close to finishing segmenting, subtitles in Episode 33, editing in episode 31.  54 Episodes 54


Pending CM projects:

The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017), 60 Episodes 60!  (Tang Dynasty, palace intrigue, the upright girl vs all of the folks and plots!)

The Advisors Alliance ( June 1, 2017).  60 Episodes 60!  (Three Kingdoms, the story of Sima Yi, and his politicially adept women...vs Cao Cao's heirs!  Who will end up winning the game!)

Rule The World (2017).  46 Episodes 46.  (Time travel - modern girl meets Nurhaci, early Qing Dynasty.  A doomed fate...can she overcome it?)

Win the World (2017 or 2018), (45? or more.. Episodes) (Female entrepeneur of Qin Dynasty, based on a true story!  Can a widow truly Win the World? the Empress of China Team...!)

Lost Love in Times (2017).  45 Episodes 45. :)  [co-CM with Jade Cloud 88. :) ]  (Time fantasy, with Liu Shi Shi!  Will it surpass Scarlet Heart?)

Phoenix Warriors (2017) 70 Episodes 70 :)  Historical fantasy with Joe Cheng!

Current projects other than CM

Rebel Who Stole the People   Segmenting

Song of the Phoenix              EDITING!  and English Moderator...

Completed projects other than CM:

The Duo

Bring it on Ghost

Air City

One Fine Day


Code 13


Live globally, and truly have it all.  Xenophobia should die a rattling, boring, and OVERDUE DEATH!


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