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    EN 98% Korea
    Episode 14
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  • Reviews - Dr. Romantic


    I liked this show a lot, well no very much at the begginig for reasons i can't understand right now, but then it turn out to be amazing and really funny and addictive, the romance was so little but yet enought it is diferent because it's not all about romance, and i loved the cast, they were like little kids fighting and loving aech other it reminded me of my family. I Love this show

  • doramaholic1


    This drama was so good and perfect, the cast is awesome, i cried so much , you know a drama is good when you cried so much, and it was definely good from the beggining untill the end, another thing, is that the dialogues are very amazing , we coundl see what the characters where thinking .very very good i love it.