Korean to English and Mandarin to English

L1 is Korean, L2 is Mandarin, L3 is English

I prefer watching historicals and stronger in subbing historicals.



my all time favorite dramas:


shocking and gut wrenching in every way possible and mesmorizing all the same 

though the English title is Nirvana in Fire, the direct translation of the Chinese title is Langya Roster.

A roster put together on Mount Langya, of top talents known. 



I pick 4th prince. Wait, 8th. No, 14th? Wait, wait 4, 8, no, 4, yes, 4, no no 8, what? you understand !

some imbalance in acting chops but the many many princes kept me busy and occupied throughout.



Best sizzling chemistry in historical setting EVER. not even going to mention the third triangle because my heart will shatter again

there were some cringe-worthy scenes especially with the whole wolf pack storyline but all in all such a great production!


샐러리맨 초한지

this is  ingenious best piece of kdrama ever. funny and witty and touching all wrapped up it was so fun to sub this too.

the writers of this drama are obviously big fans of the Chu Han contention period which is fascinating on its own but to reference it vis a vis modern day Korean salarymen is the epitome of wit and humor.