Subber: Korean to English and Mandarin to English

current subbing projects: 


Men With Swords Season 1

[ this is a totally surprise finding. it's so good actually! funny and full of intrigue ]


The King Loves

[ wow it's cheesy but oh so cute too ]


Healing Master

[ slapstick and random but fun to sub; lots of modern web lingo]


Bad Thief, Good Thief

[ story is far-fetched and the lead actress is cringe worthy every time but what can i say, i love Ji Hyun Woo ]


Father Is Strange

[ predictable usual weekend fare but funny and heartfelt here and there ]


Queen for Seven Days

[ smoldering and sexy except the main female character just needs to be less clumsy ]


current obsession: 

特工皇妃楚乔传 Princess Agents 

[ omg hot i better be rewarded with a happily ever after or some really tender moments ]

비밀의 숲 Secret Forest

[ Jo Seung Woo + Bae Doo Na is recipe for 500% success. so addicted to this ]


my all time favorite dramas:


I pick 4th prince. Wait, 8th. No, 14th? Wait, wait 4, 8, no, 4, yes, 4, no no 8, what? you understand !



Best sizzling chemistry in historical setting EVER. not even going to mention the third triangle because my heart will shatter again


샐러리맨 초한지

this is  ingenious best piece of kdrama ever. funny and witty and touching all wrapped up it was so fun to sub this too.



shocking and gut wrenching in every way possible and mesmorizing all the same