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  • Reviews - The Last Empress


    I'm madly in love with this drama!😍 The plot is full of twists and I think that the actors are really good in their work.Oh sunny is the only pure person in this corrupt palace and I love her because even if she could be seen as a ingenue woman,in reality she is a strongh woman who fights for the truth.I hope this drama will ends with her and Na Wang Shik together because I feel that he is the only one truly caring about her.💘 The emperor instead is such a horrible person! Update after having watched episode 24: OMG! It's getting better and better!! Every episode have a breathtaking end which make you want to go on and see more and more episodes.I look forward to finally having a love triangle between the emperor, the empress and the guard.🙈 I screamed when I saw the hug between oh sunny and cheo woo bin and the imperator watching it!And Min Yo Ra..I don't know,it's hard to believe that an evil and strong character like her(I think that it's the character I hate the most together with the empress dowager)could die in that way..Could you imagine if she returns?🤔 Ok I've seen the episode 48...the emperor is getting crazy!And how about his grandmother?I didn't expected it and I cried so hard when I discovered that she killed herself. P.S.:I'm italian so surely I've made some mistakes.Oh and to make you understand how much I'm addicted to this wonderful drama,I'm seeing every episode when it's subtitled entirely in English, without waiting for Italian subtitles😅 Update last episodes: I've already seen them but not in viki because I couldn't wait no more! You can't imagine how much I cried..the end was sad for Na Wang Shik and Lee Hyuk.The death of the emperor was so heartbreaking,he finally asked to the empress to forgive him and..well all the things that he said,every single world,made me cry(not talking about the fact that at the end his mother killed him).I cried also for Ari's mother..I know she is one of the evilest but when the daughter didn't recognize her I felt so sad.I'm sorry that in the end Choi Jin Hyuk couldn't be in the drama and I don't know,I think the scriptwriter should have written another end for him..he died as an hero and that's ok but the drama ended with the empress not knowing nothing about him and not talking or thinking about him at all.I would say so many other things but are too many so I conclude this review saying that it's one of the best drama I've seen until now(and I've seen a loooot of drama😅😍) and I loved all the characters.I hope to see them in other dramas soon🙈

  • dramalover_742


    I think this drama is funny,witty and fresh.I ,mean for the first time I love both the main characters:he,although his narcissism,is so sweet and hot😍😂 while she is so strong and beautiful.I'm really appreciating her character because in the majority of the dramas that i've seen the female character is always like useless for the can't appreciate them because they are often so similar.I real recommend this drama and I hope it'll be even better in the next episodes.P.S.I'm not english so if I made some mistakes (I'm sure of it😝)I'm sorry❤❤Ah and guys if you want,check my collection,hoping it could be useful to you😘