This is me smiley

My name is Edgar Rojas. 

I'm 24 years old.

I'm currently working as an English teacher.

I create and publish some stories (on Amazon Kindle and Wattpad).

I love Japanese doramas but Chinese and Korean ones are good too!


My skills enlightened

English (Fluent)

Spanish (Native)

Japanese (Intermidiate)

  • Translating from English to Spanish.
  • Translating from Spanish to English.
  • No enough skills to use Japanese. 


My work on Viki yes

Subbing Mainly I want to sub here. This is because translating is something I love to do! 

Editing I can edit anything in English or Spanish. I like to help, so I want that all the subs are well written and with no mistakes. 

Segmenting Finally, I also can segment. It isn't something that I enjoy too much but if you need help there, I'm willling to support you!


My schedule cool

Tuesdays, from 11 pm to 2 pm.

*Since I'm working, studying, and doing more personal stuff, I only can work on Viki on Tuesdays.

**All the other days I will read and respond messages.


I'm always available for anything! mail

If you need help with your series, if you want to talk to me about something else beyond viki or doramas, you can always send me a PM.

I always read every single message I receive. Sometimes it seems that I'm not an active user or that I don't visit Viki regularly. In fact, I receive messages on my email, so I daily read them. I visit Viki almost everyday.