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  • Reviews - Innocent Lilies 2


    Power rangers but way more cringy ( and PR is already cringy)

  • Reviews - Ice Fantasy


    Worst thing I have ever seen on a TV screen... The level of shitiness is unreal: mophead wigs, cheap ass lenses, CGI so fake it hurts to look at... And a retarded plot that literally doesn't make sense. Within the first 10 minutes a bird commits suicide via crashing into a cliff and turns into pink pokemon crystals... Then the mc plays with a lion using 'heavenly grass' aka crack... Nasty AF don't watch... I'm giving it a six because it's actually so trashy and cheap that it's hilarious!

  • Reviews - Nirvana in Fire


    Never been a fan of Chinese dramas, more the Korean ones, but this grabbed my attention and BOY am I glad I checked it out!! No Kdrama (no Asian drama at all, and probably no non-Asian drama as well)I've ever seen even comes close to this!!This is a classic masterpiece, anyone giving it less than an 8 (though it deserves a ten and more to if I could give it imho) should be getting a boot up the ass and a ticket back to elementary school literature classes on what makes a good plot. Best Asian drama I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. In fact, once I started watching I couldn't stop until I finished all 54 episode in 2 days, nonstop. Didn't even feel sleepy, that's how good it was. Never a dull moment, excellent suspense, a perfect balance between bad guy driven drama and personal relationships driven drama, and I particularly loved that the romance was secondary to the main plot, as usually in these kinds of drama it ruins the thrilling pace. Inhumanly good acting by heroes and villains alike, amazing characterisation for every single character, refreshingly logical and realistic heroes AND villains, hilarious comedic relief. Honestly the constant suspense was amazing, and a close second to that is the touching bonds between characters and the mc's illness (and how it affects the plot). Words can't even begin to explain how good this is!! I can see myself rewatching even 20 years from now, or recommending to children and grandchildren. This show should be what every other show aspires to become. Learn, people, THIS is what you call good storytelling!!