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  • Reviews - Blood


    The show is better of what I thought but have huge problems with the end,like the friend death that could have not happened (or at the least they could have not create the ship betoween him and Rita friend) or like the last 20 minutes were you don't understand if the patients were cured even because he have to die to make the cure, but it seems very much alive in the end and this too is a confusing thing (because you see him die something like 5 minutes before)

  • Reviews - Entertainer


    This show stared very well , but for some reason I found myself a bit bored trough the end; I mean, the story is good , so the cast and characters but they make it a bit slow sometimes, I know in reality it would be even slower but in a show I want quicker things , except for this another thing that upsetting me was the romance, I usually don't like a lot age gaps but at the end I fond myself always shipping the 2 leads (except that for king of high school , the worst show I have finished so far) but here it was like they were always marking that and I was annoyed. The couple that I totally shipped were min-yoon and yeon-soo, for the rest I think that maybe the romance was a surplus here

  • Reviews - Princess Hours


    Cute story ,but really too slow .i could say a lot of other negative thing on this show and few good but I will stop here