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                                                    您好 :D                          Xin chào ^-^                           Olá (ᵔᴥᵔ)

                                                                                                                                         **Updated June 19 2016**


                                                                   Anneong, I'm Faby from the US. I'm an extreme multifandom kpop fan and a bit of an introvert (remove the bit part). 

                                                                            I fell in love with kdramas around 2 years ago and I have not been able to stop watching them ever since.

                                                           After going through the struggle of waiting for subs I decided to pitch in and help and I love being part of the Viki community ^^


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                        Drama                                                                      Role                         Progress                              Airing Days                                      Comments

                        Back to 1989                                                   Spanish Subber                  17/20                                 Fridays                                                   E.I

                        Better Man                                                      Spanish Subber                  3/70                             M-F: 1 ep daily                                            E.I

                        Cupid Above                                                   Spanish Subber                   9/38                                        ~                                                   On Hold

                        Five Children                                                  Spanish Subber                  29/50                         Saturdays & Sundays                                     ~

                        Good Times                                                    Spanish Subber                  35/38                                       ~                                                        E.I

                        Green Hill Fox Legend                                   Spanish Subber                  13/32                                       ~                                                       E.I  

                        Love & Secret                                                 Spanish Subber                 11/102                                      ~                                                         ~

                        Love at Seventeen                                         Spanish Subber                    7/15                                 Saturdays                                              E.I

                        Mirror of the Witch                                         Spanish Subber                 11/20                         Fridays & Saturdays                                      ~

                        School Beauty´s Personal Bodyguard        Spanish Subber                   7/24                                  Sundays                                                E.I

                        The Interpreter                                               Spanish Subber                   5/42               M-F: 2 daily eps, Sat-Sun: 1 daily ep                    E.I


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                                                                                              Drama                                    Role                                           Expected Airing Date

                                                                                              38 Task Force                        Spanish Subber                             June 18, 2016

                                                                                              Entourage                              Spanish Subber                              October 2016

                                                                                              Hwarang                                Spanish Subber                             December 2016

                                                                                              Pounding Spike                     Spanish Subber                             Awaiting License


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  Be With Me  Kimchi Family  Last Cinderella  Love In Time  Please Come Back Mister  The Lost Tomb



                                                                                                             To keep things tidy ^^ ~ My Drama List


                                                                                        Thanks for dropping by heart

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