On 29th September, FIFA 18 will officially appear on the market. On Monday the publisher EA announced the first details on the most coveted Sportspiel of the year.

By Luka Ziegler

Normally, EA is more concerned about the new features of the new FIFA series and is only releasing information to the Eletronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with the cool fifa 18 coins hack for free.

On Monday, however, there was a small taste for all friends of the virtual rafting, what the players could expect at FIFA 18.


The Cristiano Ronaldo Special Edition

Cristiano Ronaldo, a freshly-bred Champions League winner with Real madrid with the FIFA 18 coins and point Generator, receives his own special edition of FIFA 18.

These can be pre-ordered to receive exclusive content. If you decide to buy the "FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition", you can start playing the game three days before the game with the help of free fut 18 coins . In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo is awarded as a lending player for the Ultimate Team as well as 20 Jumbo Premium Gold FUT sets.

The special feature compared to the standard version are, however, only the premature access to the game.