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French subtitler, moderator and editor, segmenter, Ninja master and panelist at Ninja Segging and Subbing Academy.

Traductrice, modératrice et éditrice en langue française, segmentrice et sensei à la Ninja Segging and Subbing Academy.



♥♥♥ Very special thanks to Littleangele, Rocsanna and AmyPun ♥♥♥  
Un grand merci à Littleangele, Rocsanna et AmyPun, qui m'ont fait confiance et m'ont beaucoup appris.


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French moderator and editor


 French editor





French subber



 Completed projects  

French moderator and editor


French subber






 Coming projects  

Chief segmenter 

Segger and French subber



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 ♫ Korean and Japanese music ♫  



Luna Sea (Band)
Koshi Inaba (singer)
Kawamura Ryuichi (singer)
Kokia (singer)
Gackt (singer)
Tak Matsumoto (guitar)
B'Z (band)
Glay (band)
Sugizo (violin & guitar)
Yoshiki (piano & drums)



CN Blue (band)
JYJ (band)
FT ISLAND (band)
Kim Jaejoong (singer)
Xia Junsu (singer)
Lee Hong Ki (singer)
Ali (singer)
Lee Jong Hyun (singer & guitar)
Jung Yong Hwa (singer & guitar)
Seo In Guk (singer)
K. Will (singer)



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