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  • Pasta


    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 15
    Updated 29 days ago
  • The Greatest Love

    The Greatest Love

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 16
    Updated 29 days ago
  • Coffee Prince

    Coffee Prince

    EN 99% Korea
    Episode 6
    Updated 29 days ago

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    I am not one to watch action movies but this one captured my interest since the first episode. The writers looked deep inside the characters and their complicated relationships, writing their story based on comparisons and the actors delivered the message intact. The dark side of the bright life of Seoul. The rich guys that owe their well being on the poor beggars and petty crooks. The residents of penthouses and the homeless. No one's perfect and no one's completely bad. A good guy can betray you and a bad guy can be loyal until death. A prostitute's love can be pure. A boxer's heart can be soft. You can gain everything but feel like you've lost everything that matters. A story about what's important in life. Don't miss it.

  • fthia


    Easy watching, uplifting comedy, won't trouble you.