Mobile Legend Bang Bang , you want to buy skins on mobile legend: bang bang .

But diamonds are overpriced, so you can look for how to get diamonds for free.


So welcome to viensfairetonsalaire, you'll learn how to get skins and diamonds without ever taking out your wallet or your CB.


Here is the method I use to get diamonds for the mobile legend: bang bang without taking out the bank card.


I go to the sites that names the Gpt, these sites allow you to fill ads for remuneration,

these are remunerations up to 0.15c per minimum advertising.


However I go on Moolineo which is a reliable site and that remunerates correct.


You can earn up to 350 euros per month.

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Skin Free for Mobile legend bang bang

So by registering on moolineo, loonea or winscash,

so you have the opportunity to earn the trouble of money every month.


This money will allow you to buy any skin on mobile legend bang bang


This money will be transferred to a paypal account or your current account according to your choice with how to hack mobile legends.