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  • Reviews - Moment of Eighteen


    First ... Thank you EIGHTEEN Staffs for your hard work! One thing that I love the most in this drama is the Homeroom Teacher. Here’s a shout out to all who are that kind of a teacher in real life... “Thank You and more power to you!!!” For a coffee lover like me, this drama is like my perfectly brewed Dark Roast with a hint of Honey Coffee that I love. It’s not too hot, not too bitter and not too sweet with a heavenly aroma of a freshly brewed finely grounded roasted beans coffee that leaves me satisfied after a cup. I think one of the best coming of age drama that I’ve watched. It dealt with almost all of what teenagers goes through. Trials, fitting in, friendship, pressures, studies, lies, realization, repentance, forgiveness, jealousy, obligations, loyalty, Love and even sexuality and much more. This is so WORTH WATCHING!!! Enjoy!

  • Reviews - Guardian


    Thank you THE GUARDIANS Team for your hardwork! I should have read more about this drama before I started watching it so I wouldn't be to surprise! I really have no clue that this is an adaptation from a BL novel. They made Bai Yu and Jiang Ming Yang so masculine that I was taken aback in some of the lovey dovey scenes. Anyway THE ACTORS ARE GOOD AND THE ACTION SCENES ARE GOOD TOO!

  • gelots


    I’m super impressed! I just watched the 1st 2 episodes and I’m super impressed! Can’t wait to finish this drama and change my ratings into 10 stars!