Jennifer; 23 years; student; brazilian 

  Addicted to Korean dramas; kpop; books, pizza and ice-cream, BigBang 

I speak portuguese, spanish, english and I'm learning korean

I'm translator from English to Portuguese 



Hi, my name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jenny or J.J :D

I’m 23 y.o. and I live in Rio de janeiro, Brazil.

I started watching dramas in 2005 and since then I’m kpopper.

I translate English >> Portuguese for some funsubs 5 years ago and I just started to translate to Viki.

I tried to be translator to Viki before, but I didn’t even know how could I begging to do it and I ended up staying in funsubs. After I went in the Viki Portuguese meeting in RJ, I joined Viki.

I love translate. I enjoy Asian dramas in general, but my favorites are Koreans.

Feel free to call me to the Team; I'll be happy ~



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As PT Reviewer

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As Subtitler


As Moderator


As PT Reviewer


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