Jennifer; 24 years; student; brazilian 

  Addicted to Korean dramas; kpop; books, pizza and ice-cream, BigBang 

I speak portuguese, spanish, english and I'm learning korean

I'm translator from English to Portuguese 


Friends, I'm back. 
I'm sorry for suddenly disappearing.

My mom took my computer for a trip and broke it. But thanks to God I got my computer to repair and yesterday I got it repaired.

Sorry for not replying to the messages before. I'm answering them and seeing everything I need to do. For now, I won't accept projects to moderate. I wanna finish all the pending and I'll just get translations. my college is taking away my time and the trend is getting worse.

Thank you guys for understanding.

Hi, my name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jenny or J.J :D

I’m 24 y.o. and I live in Rio de janeiro, Brazil.

I started watching dramas in 2005 and since then I’m kpopper.

I translate English >> Portuguese for some funsubs 5 years ago and I just started to translate to Viki.

I tried to be translator to Viki before, but I didn’t even know how could I begging to do it and I ended up staying in funsubs. After I went in the Viki Portuguese meeting in RJ, I joined Viki.

I love translate. I enjoy Asian dramas in general, but my favorites are Koreans.

Feel free to call me to the Team; I'll be happy ~



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