Hi, I'm Giulia. I'm just an ordinary Italian girl that happens to like dramas and K-Pop and tries to study Hangeul in her free time.

If you need any help translating, PM me. 




Current projects: The Best Chicken Moderator, All Out of Love Moderator, Our Glamorous Time Moderator, Cinderella Chef Co-Moderator & Editor, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Editor, Love Alert  Editor, Hot-Blood Dance Crew Editor, Ashes of Love Subber, All About My Siblings SubberYou're the Best, Lee Soon Shin SubberBloody Romance Subber, The Player Backup Subber, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Subber, The King of Blaze Subber, The Last Woman Standing Subber, Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa Subber, Boyfriend Subber, The Story of Ming Lan Subber, The Crowned Clown Subber


Concluded Korean Projects: Medical Top Team Moderator, Rebel Detectives Moderator, Special Laws Of Romance Moderator, Once Upon a Time in High School Moderator, Grand Prince Moderator, Let's Eat 3 Moderator (still editing), Mother Editor & Backup Subber, Delicious Proposal Subber, Memory Subber, Degree of Love Subber, Because This is My First Life Subber, Go Back Couple Subber, Into The World Again Subber, Melo Holic Subber, 20th Century Boy and Girl Subber, Chasing Subber,  The Outlaws Subber, I am not a robot Subber, Just Between Lovers Subber, A Special Lady Subber, Money Bouquet Subber, Couple Fantasy Subber​, Hwayugi Subber, Radio Romance Subber, Tempted Subber, All About My Mom Subber, Swan Subber, Rich Man, Poor Woman Editor, Lawless Lawyer Subber, Wok of Love Subber, Birth of a Rich Man Subber,  The Undatables Subber, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? Subber, Attic Cat Subber, Bravo My Life Subber, 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards Subber, Antique Subber, The Swindlers Subber, A Seven-Faced Man Subber


Concluded Chinese Projects: The Fox's Summer Season 2 Moderator, Proud of Love 2 Subber, My Little Princess Subber, Medical Examiner: Dr. Quin Subber, I Cannot Hug You Subber, The Flame's Daughter Subber, Untouchable Lovers Subber, My Huckleberry Friends Backup Subber, Take Your Mark Subber, A Love So Beautiful Subber, The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love Subber, Only Side By Side With You Subber,  Oh, My General Subber, Sweet Dreams Subber, Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon Subber, Legend of Fuyao Subber, Reset Subber


Concluded Japanese Projects: Tohai I Moderator, Tohai II Moderator, Shiratori Reiko Subber, Kimi Wa Petto/You're My Pet Subber, By Chance Subber


Concluded Taiwanese Projects: See You In Time Subber, Iron Ladies Subber, Between Subber


Future Projects: New York Moderator, Beauty Dream Moderator, The Best Hit Moderator, Le Coup de Foudre Moderator 100 Days of Husband Subber, Unexpected Editor, The Golden Eyes Editor, When We Were Young Subber


Unlicensed Dramas: Prison Playbook Subber, Summer days; Yeo-reum Subber, Miss Hammurabi Subber 



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