Ninja Segmenter :-) Thank you to all my Senseis for their guidance, patience and care.


Avid language learner and passionate TV-watcher.


Currently working on:

Lives of Omission (mod+ sub)

Unexpected- Life Drama Specials (sub)

H.I.T (seg)

Misaeng (sub)



HEAT (sub)

Immortal Classic (sub)

The Lost Tomb (sub)

The 39 steps (mod+ sub)

Please Come Back, Mister (sub)

Dramaworld (sub)

Goodbye Mr. Black (sub)

The Disguiser (sub)

Silenced (mod+ sub)

Cheri Hyeri (seg)

Queen In Hyun's Man (sub)

Pied Piper (sub)

Secret (sub)


Coming soon:




Milestone dramas:

IRIS (introduction to k-dramas)

The King 2 Hearts (first documented case of second-lead syndrome)

Healer (introduction to the true meaning of OTP)

The Lost Tomb (so bad it's good. And I'll always be grateful because it led me to Fo Ye.)

My love from another star (proof I can watch something without a string of murders in it, if it's good)

I hear your voice (introduction to the noona-romance)

Kill me, Heal me (introduction to the Daesang)

You're beautiful (babies in the shower, διπλής ανάγνωσης)

Dramaworld (you had to be there)

Gap Dong (only documented case where I keep watching a deteriorating series because the lead is HOT, the experiment hasn't been replicated)

Love me if you dare (introduction to c-dramas)

Moorim School (the quintessential Bromance #hatersgonnahate)

Lives of Omission (the best thing about being an adult is having the agency to pretend some series finales didn't happen)

Descendants of the Sun (Ντου γιου λάικ μαμαζέλ δε Γκρις; Also, perfect example of the The Dobler-Dahmer Theory.)

Mirror of the Witch (#HongJooForPresident)

W (I'll just pretend it ended with the forced suicide. Yes, my marbles are colorful, thank you.)

Rookie Agent Rouge (The guy was just the excuse.)

The Lover (It's not the ship, it's the journey. Also, seriously awesome soundtrack. The And.)

Signal (Don't watch if you have an expensive screen, you'll be throwing things.)

Punch (Be very, very careful what you choose to do with your life.)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (I forgive so many thinks in dramaland, it's ok to enjoy a little feminism.)

The Jo Yeo Jeong Drama.

Misaeng (It melted my stone cold, corporate heart.)

Whisper (Do you want to know if you have a short attention span? Take a FREE test by watching this Drama! If you don't like it, you failed.)

Suspicious partner (Come for the visuals, stay for the plot. One of the few dramas that actually take place in today's society and not 20 years ago).