Korean-American living in Seattle. Slight grammar Nazi. Strong believer in thought-for-thought translation > word-for-word translation.



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (sub)

Father is Strange (sub)

Let's Fight Ghost (sub)

Chicago Typewriter (sub)

Mystery Queen (sub)

Unnie's Slam Dunk 2 (TE)

New Heart (TE)

The Duo (TE)



Beware This Woman


The K2 (sub)

Traces of the Hand

Marry Me, Mary (Subber)

Secret Garden (Subber)

Queen of Reversals (Subber)

Spring Waltz (Subber)

Jungle Fish (Subber, Eng Mod)


Favorites (in no specific order):


Descendants of the Sun

I Remember You

The Scholar Who Walks the Night

She was Pretty

My Love from Another Star