The thoughts are made by Eparizi Graphic Tees, you select what we promote Eparizi we exist. That which we do provides graphic tees for you, and most of the creative minds on earth, more chances to produce great art. We began printing after which we understood canvases are made by tons of goods. 

We search these canvases out, which means select and that you may continue to create the artwork. The art that is bizarre. The art that is geeky. The artwork that is gorgeous. And each time you purchase from us, you are encouraging artwork that is great .

We love helping artwork unknowns become artwork totally-knowns, which explains the reason why each of our goods conveys an artist's title. We encourage our artist community in every way imaginable, whether it be by tweeting their name via our our annual awards, our award system that is commission-based, or simply. Tons of those artists have gone on to start their own businesses, and we think that is a success