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  • The Dude in Me

    The Dude in Me

    EN 99% Korea
    The Dude in Me
    Updated 7 months ago
  • SKY Castle

    SKY Castle

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 1
    Updated 8 months ago
  • All Out of Love

    All Out of Love

    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 2
    Updated about 1 year ago

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  • Reviews - All Out of Love


    For some reasons, I keep watching this although it seems like the story is getting worse and worse. New problems is being added or repeated. The story line keeps changing. It doesn't even need to be 1 hour long I guess since yhe story doesn't even focus on the main casts. Nothing much going on with them, no improvements. Don't want to be disappointed but it's not worth watching it at all. I guess I only have little hope for this one and keep watching it because I love Sun Yi. ♡ Still, I'm very grateful for all the subbers for putting their effort and time ♡ 7/10 .... UPDATE: Dec. 2, 2018 The rating keeps getting lower and lower which I'm not even surprised. This drama had lots of potential at the beginning but as most saying, the story got draggy and I lost interest in the casts. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike any casts here. In fact, I love Sun Yi and I'm her big fan. Honestly, I shipped her and LS but he changed so much and I was like, he doesn't seem like the main lead here as I thought would be. TY seemed nice and started shipping him and JS. But, eventually I both men started to put pressure on JS to love them back and choose one of them. Also, instead of focusing on the main casts, I felt like they kept adding casts and changing the stories. Not to forget, there was thousands of accidents happened here which seemed fine at first, but soon became nonsense. DON'T USE THAT PHOTO AND LET VIEWERS THINK LIKE JS AND LS WOULD END UP TOGETHER PLEASE!!! Hate the fact that LS didn't get a good ending at all Anyway, I was so disappointed and skipped many parts of each episode. I hope Sun Yi would get good dramas in the future. Same with the rest. Too bad, the quality and props here were so great. 4/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you subbers for your time and effort! Merry Christmas everyone ❤

  • hanyi


    What a beautiful and sad drama! One of the few best Kdramas I have seen and I can't emphasize enough how heartbroken I have felt throughout the drama. Although I was expecting more about the ending, I felt relieved it was ended that way. No way I could handle a very heartbroken scene. All the casts protrayed their characters very well and the aunt's love for SY is so very warm. (I don't think I can be as brave as SY or JH)

  • Reviews - Extra-ordinary You


    Didn't expect I would love this. Never been a fan of this kind of drama. Hye Yoon continues to amaze me and hoping for the success of this show. P.s I don't know who to ship her with as of now.