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  • Lie to Me

    Lie to Me

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    Episode 1
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  • Reviews - Entertainer


    Ji Sung is such a versatile and great actor that whatever he's in is worth watching. He never fails to amaze me and this time was no different. Though the story was not a massively amazing thing to watch, his performance was as always on point! The range of emotions and feels that I went through, you can literally feel the pain... Unfortunately can't really say the same about Hyeri though. The series itself is a nice pleasant easy to watch story about a bunch of talented but unappreciated musicians, each with their own baggage fighting the horrors of their own past and the power of disapproving big shot agencies in the industry. Good thing there's always a good person around the to help in the darkest moments!

  • Reviews - Tunnel


    I did a maratthon of 14 episodes in ONE DAY! And that should tell you something about the show... I don't even know when one episode finished and another started because I eagerly wanted to know what happened next that I couldn't wait and almost watched the whole thing back to back! After the success of "Signal" last year I thought to myself here we go aiagn, we gonna have so many of the same style story crappy dramas starting now and hey I wasn't that far off, let's face it "Tunnel" falls under the same category except that it has proved to be such a pleasant and captivating surprise to watch ❤︎ Although the plot isn't the newest thing on the block, the story and sometimes its predictability has proved to be such a pleasure to watch ! A true cliffhanger that sucks the viewer in from the very first episode with great character building. It's not a secret that I have a crush on Choi Jin Hyuk but gotta admit he has shown so much of his talent in this show and of course the other characters too ... gotta say the casting has been one of the best! If you like a unique thriller with less action and more of a storytelling style away from all that usual lovey dovey cliche stuff then this one is a MUST SEE!!!

  • Reviews - The Best Hit


    So far I have found this pretty funny and entertaining 😆 Obviously since it is still an on-air show, I will update my review upon its completion!! With two of the main cast as my favourite actors I couldn't pass on watching this but because of the theme I was reluctant however, so far I don't regret joining the viewing crowd... I only regret watching it while it is still airing because I hate the weekly wait and torture 😑 UPDATE:: I'm pretty sad to wave good bye to this show as it was a fun, light hearted and sweet story that kept me entertained all the way through the story. I was a little worried about how they would wrap up the story but it was done beautifully and I left content. All the plot twists and questions were resolved by the final episode and a happily ever after came just in time for all 😆