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On a personal note....

I just keep reminding myself that this is where I am choosing to volunteer. I'm not getting paid, and most of the other people aren't either. Because most of the people on viki have never worked in a volunteer organization they don't realize that it only takes three seconds, or one irritating situation to make any person decide that their time is better spent somewhere else. So ask yourself....Is it really worth making them not want to help? Is your irritation so strong that you want them to leave and tell everyone they meet how horrible they were treated?

If the person e-mailing or PMing me was to stand in front of me, would she/he say the things they are saying? Would they be brave enough to say to my face those words of ridicule and hate? The truth is.....probably not. They cannot see my eyes, hear my heart, or see how thier words make my body tremble with anger. They only see themselves; hear themselves; and are angry within themselves.....alone in front of a computer.

Because it is important to remember where we came from ....

Manouchkaa • 22 May 2010 01:38 AM

Hi dear ^^ ! I saw that on a VK helper topic "Without the Channel Manager, there is no channel on viikii. No place to start. Without the Moderators, there is no assistance for the Channel Manager and they end up doing all the work on the channel themselves. Yuck! Without the Uploaders, there are no videos for the channel. Without the Segmenters, the videos aren't cut for subtitling. Without the Subtitlers, there are no subtitles to read. Without the Viewers, there is no reason to put it on viikii at all." And I think you put out all the truth of VK more than anyone else here ^^ ! And I should add that Without any abusers, VK would be the better place in this world ^^ ! Honnas Fighting ♥ 0 ♥ !