• name; Kim hye sun. People in spanish call me Angela.
  • From where doyou come from; I come from Dominican Republic part of my family is Dominican and another part of my family is from Asia but my dad's parents are not exactly Korean but their parents are korean from Asia so my dad born their and grew up in Dominican so for the part is the part that i get that i'm asia too so i'm Asia and Dominican but i didn't look like a Korean girl.
  • What i like: I like {K-POP}, Dramas, be a subtitler, I love EXO { is a group of K-POP} and I love KIMCHI LES'T GO AND EAT!!!.
  • what do you do in VIKI: I see dramas and all the lenguage.
  • what do you like of viki; I like their dramas, and movies.
  • what do you do like what work do you do in viki: I'm a subtitler,segmenter and QCs.
  • what OST of dramas do you like: Fated to love you[version Korea], song: Good bye my love by ailee. and Iike japan version love in tokio this start whith a kiss. song kiss kiss.
  • what are you doing; i'm in high school and i'm go to be a doctor.

​         What dramas do you subtitler and segment

  • Play full kiss[Korean version]
  • this start with a kiss[ japan version]
  • Mis odiosos vecinos
  • Oh mi venus
  • fated to love you
  • fated to love you[ taiwan version]
  • when i see you again[tailand version]
  • decendientes del sol.
  • when a man love.
  • the man that live in our house.
  • Boys over flowers.
  • the princess hours.
  • tu que viniste de las estrellas
  • w.

​        working in subtitle

  • Lauren tree tailos.
  • Mi esposa tendra una aventura.
  • luz de luna pintada por las estrellas
  • que le pasa a mi familia​

Trying to have the permission to subtitle

."Diamond Lover" and "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo".


Descendientes del sol

​boys over flowers

                play full kiss