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  • Reviews - The Untamed


    What? kind of had high expectations for this one, has it was talked about highly and recommended a lot. Boring story line and scenes. Cringe and poor acting. Poor made props. Poor cinematography. Not well made overall. I think maybe it is popular for it's BL, but I still wouldn't slightly recommend this series because of all what it is lacking. Not entertaining or exciting at all, not enjoyable. I think it is highly overrated.

  • ilovekdramastoomuch


    I wish there was some actual LOVE between the two main males, really though that would happen... A very entertaining drama, always fun to watch, it just makes your day. Thank you for making such an open minded drama possible!

  • Reviews - HIStory 1


    First of all nice to be seeing more BL dramas on Viki! I am not sure what to think about these dramas, I find them lacking, even the music, parts of the storylines that made it feel so unemotional and unreal, in a bad way. And even some parts of the scenes was just disappointing, they seemed cringe and some made me keep questing to myself "why is this even a part of the scene?", like they weren't important and rather made the show worse with that. It seemed uprofessionel at many parts of the dramas, it kept making me cringe. Most of the acting was quite okay and the actors looked good, but overall pretty disappointing, because I know dramas can be so much more well made!