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I've been a professional journalist (cinema, dance and music critic), text editor and translator (of novels, essays, screenplays, theatrical plays and more) for more than four decades. My working languages are Italian, Greek, English, and French. I also understand Spanish and some basic German. I am currently starting with Korean.
And - in case you didn't notice - I'm a cat person. 

While translating, moderating or editing, my rule is: "While being as faithful as possible to the source language, is the output something that a native speaker would reasonably say? Or does it sound like Martian?" I am known to recite lines out loud to check whether they sound natural in the target language.  

I have also completed the Ninja Segmenting Academy in September2016, and am now ready for segmenting work too, in Korean dramas and films.


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Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi  - Ballerino  - Oh My Ghostess - Pasta - Whatcha Wearin'?, Age of Youth , Bring it On Ghost, Sunny, My Secret Romance


Cercansi subbers italiane per la collezione di telefilm Unexpected Drama Specials della KBS.
Ζητούνται μεταφραστές και μεταφράστριες για τη θαυμάσια συλλογή τηλεταινιών Unexpected Drama Specials.






Mr Lonely (My Ajussi) March 23
Chief English Editor
Jewel in the Palace
(Greek subtitler)
About Time (General Editor)
May 2918



  I'm not a Robot (Italian mod)
(Italian Moderator/Editor)
Hwayugi (Italian mod)
January-February 2017
Unexpected-Life Drama Specials
(Channel Manager/Italian & English moderator- editor)
Beethoven Virus
(English & Greek Moderator/editor) 
 Incomplete Life (Misaeng) 
(Greek moderator/editor)


New Heart
(Segmenter & English Moderator/Chief Editor)

Degree of Love (Chief English Editor, segmenter) The Last Time I saw Paris
(Channel Manager, Chief Editor)
While You Were Sleeping
(Greek Moderator) 
Ghost Messenger (movie)
(Segmenter and Italian mod)
Queen for Seven Days
(English Editor)
Bride of the Water God
(English Moderator/Editor)
Tomorrow with you
(Greek moderator/editor)
The Wedding Day 
(Channel Manager)
Strong Woman Do Bok Soon (Timed Comments moderator) Saimdang: Light's Diary
(Greek subtitler)
The King Loves 
(Italian Moderator)
(Channel Manager, English, French & Italian Mod)
Jungle Fish \
(Italian Moderator/Editor
Chief Kim
(Italian subtitler) 
The Man Living in Our House
(Greek moderator)
The Legend of the Blue Sea (Greek Mod, Italian subtitler) 
Romantic Doctor Kim 
(Italian Subtitler)
Solomon's Perjury
(Italian Moderator/Editor)
The Recipe (Channel Manager, Italian & Greek Moderator/Editor) Hwarang: The Beginning
(Italian subtitler)
Dancing Queen
(Italian Moderator/Editor)
A Wonderful Moment 
(Italian & Greek Mod/Editor)
(Italian & Greek Mod/Editor)
Runway Cop 
(Greek Moderator/Editor)
Fasten your seatbelt
Romantic Comedy
Drama Specials 1
(Italian Moderator/Editor) 
Romantic Comedy Drama Specials 2 (Italian Mod/Editor)  Spellbound 
(Italian & Greek Mod/Editor)
Fasten your Seatbelt
(Italian & Greek Mod/Editor)
Five children
(Italian Subtitler & Editor)
W  (Italian subtitler,
Greek moderator/editor
Second to Last Love
(Italian subtitler)
Alice: Boy from Wonderland 
(Italian & Greek Mod/Editor
Choco Bank
(Italian moderator/Editor)
Oh My Ghostess
Greek Moderator/Editor
(Greek moderator/Editor)
Soulmate (Italian Greek & English moderator/Editor)
Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi
Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi (Italian & Greek subtitler) Dear Sister
(Italian moderator/Editor)
Typically Women
(Greek moderator/Editor)
Penny Pinchers
(Italian subtitler)
Thirty Something
Immortal Classic
(Greek subtitler)
To Me Love
(Italian editor)
Thirty Something
(Italian subtitler)
I Do I Do
(Greek subtitler)
  IN LIMBO    
Blow Breeze (Italian moderator)
Didn't get the licence
The Package
(Greek Moderator)

Fridays & Saturdays
Start 20/10/2017
Black Cat a.k.a. Cat Man 
(Italian Moderator)
End 2017 10 ep
Jade Lover
(Greek Moderator, Italian subtitler)  

35 ep. of 45 min





  • You must of course understand English well, but most importantly you should be able to write correctly in the target language.  
  • You are expected to research whatever you don't know and to double check your translation before turning it in. 
  • You are expected to correct your own spelling/formatting mistakes and 
  • You must be comfortable with me giving feedback (explaining mistakes and why I changed them). None of us is perfect, but willingness to improve is greatly appreciated. 
    For those who want, I offer free Skype tutoring. This is correcting together with full explanation. (No need to see each other on video, we just talk while I share my screen). So far the feedback has been overwhelming.


My own work:




  • English subbing and editing guidelines For English Teams. This was based on gwm808's English guidelines, revised and expanded by me in March 2017
  • Korean profanities and slang - a document compiled by me - don't visit if you are young and innocent
  • Korean reference - a document compiled by me (appellatives, office ranks, food, school years/ages, job titles, police and army ranks etc.
  • Medical glossary: anatomy, conditions, tools, drugs, hospital positions. (Acronym - English - explanation, Italian and Greek)



Nothing comes from nothing. I have been inspired by many people in making those reference documents. I am deeply indebted to them:
mahoula who first gave me her own written guidelines in Greek when I was just starting,
cgwm808 whose English guidelines I studied again and again when I first came and were the foundation for my own and who privately shared her observations on translation,
ajumma2 whose medical, historical and legal lists, although aimed at Ko-En subbers, provided the starting basis for my own and helped me a lot with everything related to Korean culture,  
piranna who first showed me a French spreadsheet and opened my eyes to the wonderful world of google spreadsheets for teams.
sophie2you and gripstar_385 whose cultural notes and explanations taught me a lot of things I didn't know. 

Thank you, all! 

Resources by other people



Favourite K-dramas and J-dramas I recommend

Misaeng (Incomplete Life), MemoryJewel in the Palace - It's OK, That's Love - Oh My Ghostess - My Love from the Star Pinocchio - Second Last Love Japanese versionLove RainRooftop Prince - Soulmate Madame Antoine I Need Romance 3Five Children - Ms Temper & Nam Young Gi (except for the slapstick parts) - Witch's Romance - Jackpot - Twenty Again, W (first 8 episodes)

Favourite Films & Drama Specials

Spellbound, Watcha Wearin', Amore Mio (4-part drama special, available on YT) - Page Turner - Postman to Heaven (Japanese film, on YT) -  Virgin Snow (Japanese film, on YT) - The Dirge Singer (KBS drama special, on YT) - Bride in Sneakers

Favourite Korean actors:


  • Ji Sung (“Protect the Boss”, “Secret”, “Kill Me, Heal Me”, “Entertainer”)
  • Nam Gung Min (Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim, The Girl who sees Smells, "Remember")
  • Jang Geun Suk (“Mary Stayed Out All Night”, “Love Rain”, "You're Beautiful", “Beautiful Man”, "You're my Pet" “Jackpot”)
  • Lee Jong Suk (“Secret Garden.”,“I Hear Your Voice”,“Doctor Stranger”, “Pinocchio”, W
  • Lee Sun Gyun ("Coffee Prince", "Pasta", 'My Wife is having an Affair this Week")

and then (in no particular order):

  • Lee Je Hoon (Tomorrow with you)
  • Park Seo Joon (“A Witch’s Romance",“Kill Me, Heal Me”, “She Was Pretty”)
  • Yoo Seung Ho (“Master of Study”,“Warrior Baek Dong Soo”, “Arang and the Magistrate”, “Imaginary Cat”, “Remember”)
  • Lee Sang Yeob (“The Innocent Man”, “A Little Love Never Hurts” “House of Bluebird”, “Signal” “Master: God of Noodles”, "While You Were Sleeping")
  • Jo In Sung ("It's Okay, That's Love")


  • Jun Ji  (“My Love From the Star”)
  • Han Ji-min (Rooftop Prince,Hyde, Jekyll, Me)
  • Gong Hyo-JIn (Pasta, Producer, It's Okay, That's Love)
  • Kim Youjung (The Dirge Singer)
  • Choi Ji Woo ("Twenty Again", "Woman with a Suitcase")
  • Kim Yoo Jung ("The Dirge Singer", "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds")
  • Shin Min Ah (Tomorrow With You)



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