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  • Reviews - How To Be Thirty


    I watched 12 episodes, not all of it, but I frankly cannot go further. The childish and idiotic characters, the cliché writing, the bland OST and... half or more of every episode is made of flashbacks. And I haven't started talking about the non-acting, especially of the two main actors. Ugh! Don't waste your time on this.

  • Reviews - Protect the Boss


    Still good in 2020, despite a few tropes. Well-done and well-acted.

  • Reviews - More Than Friends


    There are many dramas which are boring, repetitive and artificially dragging by adding unnecessary and outlandish obstacles, most of them worn clichés and k-drama tropes like "noble idiocy" and "time gap". But the worst of all those dramas are the ones that, on top of that, are also pretentious, the ones that think they are being clever, "deep" and "meaningful", delivering philosophical life lessons. I blame the writer for his or her lack of craft coated with arrogance. I blame the director for the slow, insipid pace and blandness. The actors are the ones least at fault here, I actually felt bad for them. The lady was good, the second lead was okay, the secondary couples were sweet and funny, the mothers and fathers good, experienced actors who delivered a top quality job. Even the male main lead was better than in his first attempt (Moments of 18), a bit less wooden and expressionless, so he's to be commended for making an earnest effort to learn acting (maybe if he keeps at it, and if they keep giving him roles, he'll eventually be quite decent) But this drama... It's a no. I thought of abandoning it halfway but it was good for just before bedtime, I routinely fell asleep in front of the screen because nothing was happening.