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Welcome to my Page

Hi there *waves*
Let me start with my roles in Viki: I am an English Editor/Moderator and Segmenter. In my spare time, I also teach in the Ninja Segmenting Academy.
I'm an American with Asian descent. While growing up, I've watched too many Chinese martial arts movies & sorta got into the notion that all asian shows gear their storylines toward fighting & revenge. Nothing against the above-mentioned language genre, but with that notion stuck in my 바보 [ba-bo] head :p ~ whilst I've been prodded by friends to watch k/j/dramas, I've flatly declined them as they found out with a flying kick to their head ~ hahaha. (See the film influence there? j/k,lol) Not until I've listened to some K/J/pop that piqued my curiosity as to it's lyric translations. With my love of Korean/Japanese music and in the process of learning both languages, it led me to my first k/dramas ~ Love Rain & Me Too Flower. From that point on, I've been fervently watching with the need for a k/j/drama support group to help me battle my addiction xDD. Now, who wants to join me in my addiction support group? Hahaha ^_* Have a great day and thanks for visiting
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