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    EN 100% Korea
    Teaser 3
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    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 8
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    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 3
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  • jeluu001


    Such a long time since I last watched cringy, cheesy-cute drama line this one. I didnt think such top starts still do cheesy romantic comedies on this level. I rrally liked it thought so I would recommend this as a light hearted rom-com!

  • Reviews - Devilish Joy


    I had my ups and downs with this one but it sure was captivating with emotions. Even if the end could not be avoided, I was childlessly wishing for a slightly different kind of end. Either way super happy with this piece.

  • Reviews - The K2


    If I had asked myself what lured me into watch this drama when it first aired, it would have been for Ji Chang Wook in a black tailored suit, not because of Yoona. I was rather unsure when Yoona was casted as the female (first or second?) lead because I have watched all her previous works and felt unimpressed by her performances. Yet still I watch them... This was no exception and because of her stiff way of acting, I felt like the relationships she had with the other characters felt awkward. With the right amount of action, technology, interesting storyline and hotness I avidly followed every episode and enjoyed the minimalistic and somewhat european vibe it had.