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  • Oh My Venus

    Oh My Venus

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 16
    Updated 2 months ago
  • Love in the Moonlight

    Love in the Moonlight

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 19: Special
    Updated 9 months ago
  • Misty


    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 3
    Updated over 1 year ago

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  • jeluu001


    The highly anticipated drama that caught the interest of many not just because Won Bin and Suzy stars as the main characters but also because it's one of the shows that were pre-produced. I loved that aspect of it and could feel that the quality was somewhat a little more stable than some other shows. Still the risk of having a pre-produced show is that you don't know how the reactions of the audience will turn out. Many shows can change and adapt accordingly to the reactions. I believe this show still handled it well, despite being knocked down a few steps by the popular show "W" at the same airing days. The message our characters bring us will make your tears flowing. I know that it will be a hard time revisiting the last episodes for subbing. I cried so much over the pain the characters felt. It's worth watching guys. It has an amazing soundtrack too! It was an honor to work as a subber for this show with the amazing Uncontrollable Lovebirds team. Good job and kindly enjoy the show and our hard work!

  • jeluu001


    I loved everything about it! It has made me fall in love with the stillness of a countryside lifestyle. Shown me that happiness can also be found in non material things. That city life can be a battery that will eventually run out. Family, love and dreams is what keeps people from living on. I will surely rewatch this again and maybe once in many whiles--pick up a book and listen to the spring wind.

  • Reviews - Bravo My Life


    I have been working on this drama for quite some time and I'm finally at the end. It has been the most growing journey I've ever had and enjoyed the story very much. The overall theme and feel of this piece has been refreshing compared to the high production dramas we are so used to. This truly felt like a drama you'd watch during mid day while everyone else is at work or school. Truly something house mothers or elders would enjoy. I feel ready to move over to my other projects and leave this one feeling content.