Hi! my name is Johanna and as most people here on Viki I love dramas and music. Mostly Korean but also Japanese or anything with a good plot. I can write Swedish subs, please contact me if you need help, I'll try to do as much as possible. I would also like to improve my segmenting skills so if you have any tips please tell me and support me.



My Current Projects

Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire - Moderator, Subtitler

Grand Prince - Moderator, Subtitler

Silenced - Moderator, Subtitler

Why would secretary Kim do that? - Moderator

The Wife I Know - Moderator

The Beauty Inside - Moderator

Super Daddy 10 - Subtitler

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo - Subtitler

2 Days and 1 Night - Subtitler

Friend, Our Legend - Subtitler

The King Loves - Subtitler

Hwayugi - Subtitler

Northern Limit Line - Subtitler


Finished Projects

To The Beautiful You (Hana Kimi) - Subtitler

Pinocchio - Moderator, Subtitler

God's Gift - 14 days - Subtitler

Doctor Stranger - Subtitler

Eva Luna - Subtitler

Surplus Princess: Aka The Mermaid - Moderator, Subtitler

Emergency Couple - Subtitler

Kpop: Extreme Survival - Subtitler 

Bunny Drop - Subtitler

Will You Be There? - Moderator, Subtitler

The Werewolf Boy - Subtitler