Author of Crafting a Magical Life (Inner Traditions, Bear & Company). Writer, professional editor, social media coordinator and cosplay craftress. Lover of chocolate, dogs and Y.A. lit. Shameless Comic-Con junkie and K-Drama fan. Avid BigBang VIP and BTS ArmyMom. Studying Korean a little at a time. Every day there is something new to learn and something fun to do. I'm so happy! Pisces, Scorpio moon, Cancer rising, Blood type B.

SEG101 and NSSA segmenting graduate. NSSA editing sensei.


Please don't send me these:

"Hi there, 
I’m interested in helping as a subtitler 
for    , and I’d like to translate into   .

Thank you!"

I get tons of them and most of the time they are for a specific episode of a drama or show (the commitment is a full series), or a drama that's already translated into the language they're asking about, and all too often the language isn't even filled in. A personal note specifically naming the show you're interested in and the language you want to subtitle into is far better received. Also, if you are a subtitler wanting to sub a language other than English, check the team information on the main cover page to find out the moderator of your language and write that person. If there is no moderator, then you can write to the channel manager about being a solo subber in your target language.


2017 was a good summer for concerts and idols:

GDragon MOTTE in Seattle sendoff, 7-11-17 JiYong turned and came back to me after I called out to him, picked up and looked at the t-shirt I made him and totally got the message. I didn't really realize until later what big deal that was:

Taeyang White Night Tour San Jose sendoff, 9-10-17 Youngbae was so sweet, kind and friendly. He happily accepted the BigBang OGAF button I gave him and helped me with my selfie because I couldn't get my phone set right. Plus, he was the only one there with the same color hair as mine (it was soft and crunchy at the same time):
12-18-17, Happy note! After four years of dating, Youngbae finally proposed to Min Hyo Rin
and she accepted. Their wedding was on February 3rd. I am super happy for them!
Full MADE album finally released on December 12th, 2016, with three new songs.
It was a long wait, but it was worth it!
 Because... T.O.P 
T.O.P went into MS on 2-9-17, JiYong on 2-27-18, Youngbae on 3-12-18 and Daesung on 3-13-18. Because they knew we'd miss them a lot, they recorded a song released on March 13th for us to enjoy while we wait for their return. Seungri, better hurry and go in or you'll be left behind when your hyungs are discharged...
Stay safe and hurry home, boys!


VIKI Past, Present and Future Projects

Future Possible - Awaiting Licensing:
Mr. Sunshine (English Editor) July 2018
Clean With Passion for Now (Chief Editor) TBA
The Wife I Know (English Editor) tvN, TBA August
Romcom King (English Editor) OCN, TBA, Dec?
Memories of the Alhambra (English Editor) tvN,  TBA, July
Currently licensed and ongoing:
About Time (Chief Editor) tvN, 5-21-18 to 7-10-18 Mondays and Tuesdays, 21:30 KST
Switch (English Editor) SBS, 3-28-18 to 5-17-18, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Rich Man Poor Woman (English Editor) MBN/Dramax, 5-09-2018 to 6-28-2018, Wednesdays and Thursdays
The Undateables (English Editor) SBS, 5-23-18 to 7-12-18, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Dear Lena (English Editor) 5-26-16 (movie)
Q2Han (Channel Manager) Viki 1-22-18 to ??? (30-episode vlog), Mondays (RECRUITING SEGMENTERS - NSSA OR SEG101 LEVEL)
Aired/Airing Still Unlicensed:
Cinderella and Four Knights (English Editor) tvN, 8-12-16 to 10-1-16, Fridays and Saturdays
Entourage (English Editor) tvN, 2017 11-4-16 to ??, Fridays and Saturdays, 20:30 KST
Radiant Office (Chief Editor) MBC, 3-29-17 to 5-18-17, Wednesdays and Thursdays
My Only Love Song (Chief Editor) TBA, Feb 2017
Ruler, Master of the Mask (English Editor) MBC, May 2017, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 22:00 KST
Strongest Deliveryman (Channel Manager) KBS, 7-28-17 to 9-16-17, Fridays and Saturdays
Byunhyuk's Love  (Channel Manager) tvN, 10-14-17 to 12-3-17, Saturdays and Sundays
Misty (English Editor) jTBC, 1-26-18
Waikiki (Co-Channel Manager/Chief Editor) jTBC, 2-5-18
Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (English Editor) JTBC 3-30-18 to ??, Fridays and Saturdays, 23:00 KST
Status Unknown: 
Medical College (Channel Manager/Chief Editor) TBA
Let's Have Dinner Together (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, September 2016, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00KST
Jade Lover (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS/AHTV (Korean/Chinese prod.), November 2016, 35 eps.
Deal (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, TBA (unlikely to be released until sometime in 2017)
Kingdom (English Editor) TBA Sageuk to be shot in advance and aired hopefully before the end of 2017
Past Completed:
  1. Marriage, Not Dating (English Moderator/English Editor) tvN, 07-04-2014 to 08-23-2014
  2. Pride and Prejudice (English Moderator/English editor) MBC, 11-27-2014 to 1-13-2015
  3. Birth of a Beauty (English Moderator/English editor) SBS, 11-1-2014 to 1-11-2015
  4. Pinocchio  (English Moderator/English editor) SBS, 11-12-2014 to 1-15-2015
  5. King of High School (Post-series Moderator/Co-Chief Editor) tvN, 6-16-14 to 8-11-14
  6. Valid Love (English Moderator/English editor) tvN, 2-1-2014 to 2-3-2015
  7. Punch (English Moderator/post-release proofing) SBS - 12-15-2014 to 2-17-2015
  8. Family is Coming (English Moderator/Editor) SBS - 1-3-15 to 3-15-15
  9. Seonam Girls High School Investigators (English Moderator/Editor) jTBC - 12-16-2014 to 3-19-2015
  10. Rosy Lovers (English Moderator/English editor) MBC - 10-18-2014 to 4-5-2015 (52 episodes) 
  11. My Heart Twinkle Twinkle (English Moderator/Editor) SBS - 1-17-15 to 4-12-15 (26 episodes)
  12. Shine or Go Crazy (English Moderator/English editor) MBC - 1-1915 to 4-7-15 
  13. K-Pop Star Season 4 (English Moderator/post-release proofing) SBS - 11-23-14 to 4-5-15
  14. Blood (English Moderator/English editor) KBS2 - 2-16-15 to 4-21-15
  15. Super Daddy Yeol (English Moderator/English Editor) tvN - 3-13-15 to 5-2-15
  16. Angry Mom (English Moderator/Co-Chief Editor) MBC - 3-18-15 to 5-5-15
  17. Midnight's Girl (English Moderator/Editor) MBC every 1 - 5-4-15 to 5-14-15 
  18. Unkind Women (English Moderator/English editor) KBS2 - 2-25-15 to 5-14-15
  19. Falling for Innocence aka Beating Again (English Moderator/English Editor) jTBC - 4-3-2015 tp 5-23-15 
  20. Asuka High School March (English Moderator/English Editor) 4-24-11 to 7-3-11
  21. Heard it Through the Grapevine (Enlgish Moderator/English Editor) SBS - 2-23-2015 to 6-2-15
  22. My Unfortunate Boyfriend (English Moderator/English Editor) MBC 4-10-15 to 5-30-15
  23. Prince's Prince (English Moderator/English Editor) NAVER TVcast, 6-8-15 to 6-19-15
  24. Marriage, Not Dating (English Moderator/English editor) tvN, 7-4-2014 to 8-23-2014
  25. My Secret Hotel (English Moderator/English editor) tvN, 8-18-2014 to 10-14-2014
  26. Boarding House 24 (English Moderator/English editor) MBC, 9-23-2014 to 12-16-2014
  27. Love Frequency 37.2 (English Subtitler/English editor) MBC every1, November 2014
  28. Ex-Girlfriends Club (English Moderator/Englsh Editor) tvN - 5-8-15 to 6-13-15
  29. Producer (English Moderator/Englsh Editor) KBS2, 5-15-15 to 6-20-15
  30. Doctor's Affairs (All Language Moderator/Chief Editor) 4-11-15 to 6-27-15
  31. Padam Padam (Post-series Moderator/Editor) 
  32. My Love Eun Dong (English Editor) JTBC - 5-29-15 to 7-18-15
  33. I Order You (English Moderator/Chief Editor) SBS Plus, 7-5-15 to 7-30-15
  34. My Little Kitchen, Season 1 (English Moderator/Chief Editor) Arirang, 2014
  35. I Remember You KBS2 (English Moderator/Editor) 6-22-15 to 8-11-15
  36. The Time I've Loved You (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, 6-27-15 to 8-16-15
  37. IRIS (Post-series Moderator/Editor) 
  38. Constellation Women: Pisces Woman (English Moderator/Chief Editor) FTV - 6-21-15 to 8-23-15
  39. Midnight Diner (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, 7-4-15 to 9-5-15
  40. Last (English Moderator/English Editor) jTBC, 7-24-15 to 9-12-15
  41. I'm Sorry, I Love You (English Moderator/Chief Editor) 8-29-15 to 11-20-15
  42. The Happy Life (English Moderator/Chief Editor) released 9-12-2007
  43. Sweet Spy (Moderator/Chief Editor) MBC, Post-release 11-7-2005 to 1-10-2006
  44. Oh My Venus (Moderator/English Editor) KBS2, 11-16-15 to 1-5-16
  45. Full House (Moderator/Subtitler/English Editor) KBS2 - Post-release 7-14-04 to 9-2-2004
  46. Love Again (Post-series Moderator/Chief Editor) jTBC, 4-25-12 to 6-14-12 (Post Series)
  47. Moorim School (English Moderator/English Editor) KBS2, 1-16-16 to 3-8-16
  48. Gap Dong (Post-Series English Moderator/Chief Editor) 4-11-2014 to 6-21-2014
  49. I Have a Lover (Channel Manager/Chief Editor) SBS,  8-22-15 to 2-28-16 
  50. I! Geum Sa Wol (English Moderator) MBC, Saturdays and Sundays at 22:00 KST
  51. Six Flying Dragons (English Moderator/Chief editor) SBS - 10-5-15 to 3-22-16
  52. Join Us Korea (English Moderator/Chief Editor) Arirang,  6-18-15 to ??
  53. Eating Existence (Chief Editor) NAVER, 11-12-15 to 11-25-15, Thursdays at 23:00 KST
  54. Please Come Back, Mister (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, 2-24-16 to 4-5-16
  55. Pied Piper (English Moderator/English Editor) tvN, 3-7-16 to 
  56. The Kitchen Musical (English Moderator/Chief Editor) NTV7 - October 2011 (Post Series)
  57. Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi (English Moderator/Chief Editor) jTBC, 3-18-16 to 5-7-16
  58. Dramaworld (English Moderator/English Editor) VIKI/jTBC, 4-16-16 to 5-15-16
  59. Jackpot (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS 3-28-16 to 6-14-16
  60. Oh Hae Young Again (Chief Editor) tvN, 5-2-16 to 6-28-16
  61. Cheese in a Trap (English Moderator/English Editor) tvN, October 2015 
  62. Mirror of the Witch (English Moderator/Chief Editor) JTBC, 5-13-16 to 7-16-16
  63. Reply 1988 (Channel Manager/English Editor) tvN - October 2015 (Post Release)
  64. Bubblegum (English Moderator/English Editor) tvN, 10-26-15 (Post Release)
  65. Spark (English Moderator/English Editor) NAVER TVcast 7-25-16 to 8-14-16
  66. Five Children  (Moderator/Chief Editor) KBS2, 2-20-2016 to 8-21-16
  67. Doctors (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, 6-20-16 to 8-23-16
  68. Uncontrollably Fond (English Moderator/English Editor) KBS, 7-6-16 to 9-8-16
  69. W (English Moderator/English Editor) MBC, 7-20-16 to 9-8-16
  70. JuNCurryAhn (Channel Manager/Chief Editor) Viki Exclusive episodes as uploaded
  71. Alice: Boy From Wonderland (Chief Editor) 12-10-2015 
  72. Second to Last Love (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, 7-30-16 to 10-22-16
  73. Shopping King Louie  (English Editor) MBC, 9-21-16 to 11-10-16
  74. On the Way to the Airport (English Moderator/Chief Editor) KBS2, 9-14-16 to 11-17-16
  75. The Flower in Prison (English Moderator/Co-Chief Editor) MBC, April 2016 to 10-16-16
  76. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (English Editor) MBC, 11-16-16 to 1-11-17
  77. JuNCurryAhn (Channel Manager/Chief Editor) Viki Exclusive episodes as uploaded
  78. Solomon's Perjury (English Editor) JTBC, 12-26-16 to 1-21-17 
  79. Legend of the Blue Sea (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, 11-16-16 to 1-25-17
  80. The Face Tale: Cinderia (English Editor) a VIKI Original, January 31st
  81. The 2016 Busan One Festival SBS, 10-01-2016 to 10-23-2016 
  82. Hwarang (Channel Manager/English Editor) KBS2, 12-19-16 to 2-21-17
  83. Laurel Tree Tailors (English Moderator/English Editor) KBS2, 8-27-16 to 2-15-17
  84. Face Tale: Cinderia (English Editor) Viki Original, 1-30-17 to ???
  85. Hidden Identity (Chief Editor) tvN, 6-15-15 to 8-2-15 (Post Release)
  86. Tomorrow with You (English Editor) tvN, 2-3-17 to 3-25-17
  87. Defendant (English  Editor) SBS, 1-23-17 to 3-28-17
  88. Chief Kim (English Editor) KBS2, 1-25-17 to 3-30-17
  89. Will You Be There? (Chief Editor) Lotte Entertainment, 12-14-16​​
  90. Our Gap Soon (English Moderator/English Editor) SBS, 8-27-16 to 4-8-17
  91. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Chief Editor) jTBC, 2-24-17 to 4-16-17
  92. Saimdang, Light's Diary (Channel Manager/co-Chief Editor) SBS  1-26-17 to 5-10-17
  93. Inki Gayo (Former CM, English Editor) SBS, Sundays at 2:30 KST 
  94. Neighborhood Hero (Chief Editor) OCN, Jan 2016 (Post Release)
  95. Rebel, Thief Who Stole the People (English Editor) MBC, 1-30-17 to 5-9-17
  96. Tunnel (English Editor) OCN, 3-25-17 to 5-14-17
  97. Bring it On, Ghost (Chief Editor) tvN, 6-27-16 to 8-16-16 
  98. Chicago Typewriter (English Editor) tvN, 4-7-17 to 5-27-17
  99. Baek Hee Has Returned (English Editor) KBS, 6-6-16 to 6-14-16 (Post Release)
  100. Suspicious Partner (Chief Editor) SBS, 5-10-17 to 7-13-17
  101. Fight My Way (English Editor) KBS2, 5-22-17 to 7-11-17
  102. Wednesday 3:30 PM (English Editor) SBS Plus, 6-7-17 to 6-21-17
  103. Chasing 1-7-2016, The Queen D&M production with Kim Seung Woo and Kim Jung Tae
  104. Father is Strange (English Editor) KBS 3-4-17 to 8-20-17
  105. Distorted (Co-Chief Editor) SBS, 7-24-17 to 9-12-17 
  106. Into the World Again (English Editor) SBS, 7-19-17  to 9-21-19
  107. Sister is Alive (Chief Editor) SBS, 4-15-17 to 9-30-17
  108. Bad Thief, Good Thief (English Editor) MBC, 5-13-17 to 10-29-17
  109. While You Were Sleeping (English Editor) SBS, 9-27-17 to 11-16-17
  110. Mad Dog (Chief Editor) KBS2, 10-11-17 to 11-30-17
  111. Because This is My First Life (Channel Manager/Chief Editor) tvN, 10-9-17 to 11-28-17
  112.  Melo Holic  (English Editor) OCN, 11-9-17 to 12-5-17 
  113. Special Laws of Romance (English Editor) Channel A/Naver 10-24-17 to 11-9-17
  114. Special Investigation Team (Chief Editor) MBC, 4-13-08 to 6-29-08
  115. Anarchist (English Editor) movie 6-28-17
  116. Untouchable (English Editor) jTBC, 11-24-17 to 1-13-18
  117. Jugglers (English Editor) KBS2, 12-4-17 to 1-23-18
  118. I am Not a Robot (English Editor) MBC, 12-6-17 to 1-25-18
  119. Just Between Lovers (Chief Editor) jTBC, 12-11-17 to 1-30-18
  120. Short (Channel Manager/Chief Editor) 2-12-18 to 2-20-18
  121. Single Wife (English Editor) DramaX (Post release)
  122. Radio Romance (English Editor) KBS, 1-29-18 to 3-20-18
  123. Grand Prince (Chief Editor) CSTV 3-3-2018 to 5-6-18


Dramas I've watched:

Boys Over Flowers (**FAVE* Kdrama "Gateway Drug”)
Lie to Me (CUTE)
Playful Kiss (CUTE)
Angel Eyes (LIKED)
City Hunter (LOVED)
Heirs (GREAT)
49 Days (LIKED)
Coffee House (LOVED)
Padam Padam (FAVE)
Rooftop Prince (ADORABLE)
Big Man (LIKED)
Athena: Goddess of War (BEST English acting!)   
My Secret Hotel (LOVED it and the OST)
Doctor Stranger (*FAVE*)
IRIS 2 (OMG, more good English acting!)
Rosy Lovers (*FAVE*)
Pinocchio  (**FAVE**)
Love Frequency 37.2 (Canceled - LIKED)
Valid Love (LOVED)
Dalja's Spring (ADORABLE)
Punch (LOVED)
Iron Man (LOVED)
Healer (*FAVE*)
Kill Me Heal Me (**FAVE**)
You're Beautiful (ADORABLE)
Reply 1997 - (LOVED)
Shine or Go Crazy (**FAVE**)
Blood (LOVED)
Angry Mom (*FAVE*)
Unkind Women (*FAVE*)
Modern Farmer (*FAVE*) - Absolutely hilarious!
Misaeng (**FAVE**)
Midnight's Girl (SO CUTE) Naver/MBC every 1
Midnight's Girl  (ADORBS)
Heard it Through the Grapevine (DARK and FUNNY *FAVE*)  
The Lover (*FAVE* - absolutely HILARIOUS!)
Producer (*FAVE*)
Goong (For GD and Seungri) (LOVED)
Beautiful Man (*FAVE*)
Love Rain (*FAVE*) Totally falling for Jang Geun Suk.
Reply 1997 (*FAVE*)
High Society (LIKED)
Warm and Cozy (LOVED)
I Hear Your Voice (**FAVE**)
Good Doctor (*FAVE*)  Joo Won's performance was fab.
The Innocent Man (**FAVE**)
My Princess (CUTE)
Hotel King (LIKED)
Mask (LOVED - Riveting)
I Am Sam (LOVED! Baby T.O.P and baby Lee Min Ho.)
Liar Game (LIKED)
Marry Him if You Dare (Wassup with the ending???)
Full House (**FAVE**! Bonus shirtless Rain. Just sayin'...)


Dramas I've watched continued:

Yong Pal (LOVED)                                                                     
Baker King: Kim Tak Goo(*FAVE*)                                     
D-Day (*FAVE*)
She Was Pretty (**FAVE**)
Gap Dong (**FAVE** - Suspense!)
Imaginary Cat (ADORABLE)
Sweet Spy (LIKED)
The King 2 Hearts (**FAVE**)
Gu Family Book (*FAVE*)
Oh My Venus (LOVED)
Secret (*FAVE*)
I Miss You (LOVED)
Splash Splash Love (SO CUTE! LOVED)
Royal Family (LIKED)
Remember (*FAVE*)
Queen In Hyun's Man (**FAVE**) bring kleenex
Six Flying Dragons (**FAVE**)
Marry Me, Mary (ADORBS!)
Marriage Contract (LOVED - sad)
Entertainer (LOVED)
Monster (In Progress)
Fool's Love (LOVED)
Jackpot (*FAVE*)
Oh Hae Young Again  (**FAVE**)
The Great Queen Seon Deok (**FAVE**) Really fantastic!
Lucky Romance (LOVED)
Squad 38 (LOVED)
Signal (**FAVE**)
Two Weeks (*FAVE*)
Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love (LOVED) great actors
Fantastic (LOVED)
Bad Guys (FAVE)
Ghost (FAVE)

The Man Living in Our House (LOVED)

Romantic Doctor Kim (FAVE)

Wanted (LIKED)

Goblin (**FAVE**)

Voice (LOVED)


The K2 (*FAVE*)

Defendant (**FAVE**)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (**FAVE**)

Chief Kim (*FAVE*) Really funny.

Five Fingers (LOVED)

Oh My Geum Bi (LOVED)

Triangle (LIKED)

Dr. Frost (LIKED)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (**FAVE**) Hilarious! 

Laurel Tree Tailors (LOVED)

Incarnation of Money (LIKED)

Vampire Detective (LIKED)

Whisper (LOVED)

What Happens to My Family? (LOVED)

A Witch's Romance (Revisiting the drama that brought me to Viki.)

Queen for Seven Days (Liked)  

Shopping King Louie  (Adorbs - *FAVE*)

Hospital Ship (Liked)

Emperor, Owner of the Mask (LOVED)

Hwayugi (**FAVE**)

Oh The Mysterious (LIKED)

Witch's Court (LIKED)

Black Knight (LIKED)

Money Flower (LOVED)

Two Cops (LOVED)

Jugglers (LOVED)

My Sassy Girl (LOVED)

Best Hit (LOVED)

Goodbye Mr. Black (In Progress)

Queen of Mystery 2 (In Progress)






The Good, The Bad, The Weird - Jung Wu Sung, Lee Byung Hun, Song Kang Ho (LOVED it. So quirky and cool!)
A Moment to Remember - Jung Wu Sung (So moving.)
Castaway on the Moon - Jung Jae Young, Jung Ryeo Won (Really good. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it might be an indie film.)
Daisy - Jung Woo-sung, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Sung Jae (Sad and beautiful)
Two Weddings and a Funeral - Dong Yoon Kim, Hyeon Kyeong Ryu (liked it)
The Cyrano Agency - Uhm Tae Woon, Lee Min Jung, Park Shin Hye, Choi Daniel (LOVED it)
A Frozen Flower - Ji‑hyo Song, Jo In Sung, Joo Jin Mo, Song Joong Ki, Lim Ju Hwan (Sexy and violent)
Somewhere Only We Know - Kris Wu, Wang Likun, Xu Jinglei, Gordon Alexander, Chong Shan, Juck Zhang, Re Yizha (LOVED it)
Please Teach Me English - Jang Hyuk, Lee Na Young, Kim Yong Gun, Lee Young Ae (Fun and funny)
The Technicians  (LOVED)
Gangnam Blues (LOVED)
The Happy Life Jang Geun Suk, Jung Jin Young, Kim Yun Seok, Kim Sang Ho. (cute and funny)
Seondal, the Man Who Sells the River (I loved this!) Yoo Seung Ho, Ko Chang Seok, Ra Mi Ran, and an absolutely adorable Xiumin.
Train to Busan (KICKED BUTT-LOVED)
San Diego Comic-Con 2012 - My friends and I were all adventure time characters.
^ Comic-Con 2012. My friends and I went as Adventure Time characters. I got to be Breakfast Princess.

^ Comic-Con 2016 - BigBang/CL mashup Kpop cosplay

^ Dramaworld Premiere, April 17th, 2016.


^ The infamous Harry Potter Party at Tree of Life Metaphysical Books and Gifts.

Favorite Harry Potter quote:

"Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself."

~Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Flag Counter


Company Ranks:
CEO, 대표님, daepyonim
chairman, 회장님, hoijangnim
president, 사장님, sajangnim (boss)
executive director, 전무님, jeonmunim
chief director, 이사장님, isajangnim
director, 이사님, isanim
managing [an executive] director, VP, 상무님, sangmunim
department head, 실장님 shiljangnim
general manager, 부장님, bujangnim
chief [head] of a section, 과장님, gwajangnim
deputy (general) manager, 차장님, chajangnim
chief, 계장님, gyejangnim
team leader, 팀장님, timjangnim
assistant manager, 대리님, daerinim
employee, 사원, sawon

South Korean Police Ranks (wikipedia):

Commissioner General (치안총감, 治安總監): at most one may be appointed at a time.
Chief Superintendent General (치안정감, 治安正監): at most five may be appointed at a time.
Senior Superintendent General (치안감, 治安監)
Superintendent General (경무관, 警務官)
Senior Superintendent (총경, 總警)
Superintendent (경정, 警正)
Senior Inspector (경감, 警監)
Inspector (경위, 警衛)
Detective (형사)
Assistant Inspector (경사, 警査)
Senior Police Officer (경장, 警長)
Police Officer (순경, 巡警)
  • Newly commissioned officers are appointed as Policeman Assistant (순경시보, 巡警試補) for a two-year probationary period. The uniform and insignia of an assistant is identical to those of a Policeman.
Auxiliary Policeman (의경, 義警)
  • Sergeant Constable (수경, 首警)
  • Corporal Constable (상경, 上警)
  • Private Constable First Class (일경, 一警)
  • Private Constable (이경, 二警)


South Korean Prosecution Service:

Ranking of royal concubines:

Rank 1A 정1품, Bin, 빈, 嬪 (highest)
Rank 1B 종1품, Gui in, 귀인, 貴人
Rank 2A 정2품, So ui, 소의, 昭儀
Rank 2B 종2품, Sook ui, 숙의, 淑儀
Rank 3A 정3품, So yeong, 소용, 昭容
Rank 3B 종3품, Sook yeong, 숙용, 淑容
Rank 4A 정4품, So won, 소원, 昭媛
Rank 4B 종4품, Sook won, 숙원, 淑媛 (lowest)


The following subbing resources come from ajumma2 via changhuh and BWCatNYC.

* Naver Ko-En Dictionary
* Korean Internet Slang
For Medical
* Medical dictionary in Korean (Ko->En/En->Ko)
* Another Ko-En/En-Ko Medical Ditionary from the Korean Associate of Medical Journal Editors
* MW Medical dictionary
* Surgical Instruments - Names & Images
* Pictures of Surgical Instruments
* Surgical Instruments - Names & Images
Helpful Subbing Info
* music note: ♫ or ♪ (Please use both Italics and music note for each line of the lyrics)
ajumma2's google doc on Sageuk Terms (from Jewel in the Palace and other historical dramas)
ajumma2's google doc on Legal terms (from New Leaf)
semilla's google doc (from The Great Seer)
semilla's google doc(from Gu Family)
yujech's google doc (from Golden Times)
Medical Term docs (from Medical Top Team)
semilla's google doc (from Incarnation of Money)
yujech's google doc (from All About My romance)
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십이지(十二支) 시간

자 (子 쥐) : 밤 11 시 - 새벽 1 시
축 (丑 소) : 새벽 1 시 - 새벽 3 시
인 (寅 범) : 새벽 3 시 - 새벽 5 시
묘 (卯 토끼) : 새벽 5 시 - 아침 7 시
진 (辰 용) : 아침 7 시 - 아침 9 시
사 (巳 뱀) : 아침 9 시 - 오전 11 시
오 (午 말) : 오전 11 시 - 낮 1 시
미 (未 양) : 낮 1 시 - 오후 3 시
신 (申 원숭이) : 오후 3 시 - 오후 5 시
유 (酉 닭) : 오후 5 시 - 저녁 7 시
술 (戌 개) : 저녁 7 시 - 밤 9 시
해 (亥 돼지) : 밤 9 시 - 밤 11 시

* 서양의 시간은 하루를 24시간으로, 동양에서는 자시, 축시, 인시 등 하루를 12시간으로 나눠 본 것입니다.



Money Conversion

천원 = 1000 won (~$1)
만원 = 10,000 won (~$10)
십만원 = 100,000 won (~$100)
백만원 = 1,000,000 = 1 million won (~$1000)
천만원 = 10,000,000 = 10 million won (~$10,000)
일억 = 100,000,000 = 100 million won (~$100,000)
십억 = 1,000,000,000 = 1 billion won (~$1,000,000 or 1 million dollars)
백억 = 10,000,000,000 = 10 billion won (~$10,000,000 or 10 million dollars)
천억 = 100,000,000,000 = 100 billion won (~$100,000,000 or 100 million dollars)
일조 = 1000,000,000,000 = 1 trillion won (~$1,000,000,000 or 1 billon dollars