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  • joysprite


    If you can be in love with a drama, I'm completely and madly in love with Another Oh Hae Young. I wasn't sure about how much I'd like this drama when it first started, but as it picked up momentum I noticed that I was laughing and crying in every episode—always a good sign that a drama has what it takes to keep viewers engaged. Now I can hardly wait for Mondays these days.

    I love Eric Mun in his role as the self-involved and deeply wounded Park Do Kyung, and Seo Hyun Jin twists your heart with her portrayal of how it feels to be constantly compared to someone else (the pretty Oh Hae Young) and always come up short. I hurt for her in every episode. Jeon Hye Bin subtly reveals unexpected aspects of pretty Oh Hae Young's character as well as her flaws.

    To keep things from getting too heavy Do Kyung's sister totally fills the bill with her weird double life between work and home, and the second lead couple is so darned cute and silly that you just can't help but laugh.
    Plus, I'm a big fan of Lee Han Wi and Kim Mi Kyung, and as the regular Oh Hae Young's parents, they don't disappoint in their delivery of either comedy or drama.
    I think the actors in this drama have good chemistry and it shows.

    It's no wonder that Another Oh Hae Young is, at the time of this writing, the fifth most popular drama on tvN, ever!

    "Do you smell anything burning? My heart is burning" for Another Oh Hae Young.

  • Reviews - Dramaworld


    When I first heard about the Dramaworld project I was quite taken with the idea of K-Edrama. As technology continues to shrink our world, we now can enjoy instant access to all kinds of content from across the globe. It was only a matter of time before someone realized that shows didn’t have to be written and produced in only one language and began to tackle how to create content that blended different languages together. Josh Billig and Chris Martin did just that with Viki’s new series, Dramaworld.

    I was present at the Dramaworld premiere and was very pleased with the first ever bi-lingual production of a series created through the cooperation of global entities. By the end of the first episode, we were sucked into Dramaworld right along with the main character, Claire, played by actress Liv Hewson (Do You Mind?, I’ve Got No Legs). Sean Dulake (Athena: Goddess of War, K-Town Cowboys) was really fun as the arrogant leading man, Joon Park. Bae Noo Ri (The Moon Embracing the Sun), who played the second leading lady Seo Yeon, a shy sous chef, and Kim Sa Hee (A Witch's Romance, Rosy Lovers)who played the antagonistic love interest, Ga In, were both beautiful and captivating. Justin Chon (The Twilight Saga, Man Up) was adorable and funny as the Kdrama facilitator in the know, Seth Ko, and Woo Do Hwan was cute as a button as the local florist/flower boy, Do Hwan. Even the cameos were well placed and really funny. It was everything I was hoping for.

    The entire cast seemed to have great chemistry, in spite of language barriers, and they worked together well to create a cohesive series that will have you laughing at their gentle and loving spoofs of typical Kdrama tropes and melodrama. Also, the flow between English and Korean in Dramaworld was seamless and the subtitles were beautifully timed and easy to read. I was very impressed and could hardly wait for a week to go by so I could see the next episodes!

    Kudos to Viki, South Korea’s EnterMedia Contents, United State’s Third Culture Content, China’s Jetavana Entertainment, Josh Billig, Chris Martin and the cast and crew of Dramaworld for being the pioneers in multi-language global content.

    I hope to see more content like Dramaworld soon!

  • Reviews - Melo Is My Nature