My Channels:
Secret Society of Men - Friends
2.Summer days; Yeo-reum
3.When A Woman Chases A Man
4.Wanna One Premier Show-Con
6.Neighborhood Hero Highlights
7.The Maid of the Blind Master- Movie

 My Projects :                                    
1.Just for You - Hungarian Moderator
2. The Sleeping Beauty - Hungarian Moderator
3. If I were you -  Hungarian Moderator  (movie)
4.Missing-Hungarian Moderator (movie)
5.Melo Holic - Hungarian subber
6.Drinking Solo -Hungarian subber
7.Whirlwind Gilr 2- Hungarian  subber
8.The Innocent Man-Hungarian Moderator
9.28 Faces of the Moon- Hungarian subber
10.Delicious Destiny - Hungarian Moderator
11.My Mr. Mermaid-Hungarian Moderator
12.Wednesday 3:30 PM- Hungarian subber
13.Memory Love -Hungarian Moderator
14.Manhole -Hungarian Moderator
15.Spy -Hungarian Moderator
16. Dear Prince-Hungarian Moderator
17. Attention, Love! - Hungarian Moderator
18. The Endless Love -Hungarian Moderator
19. My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2 -Hungarian Moderator
20.One and Another Him - Hungarian Moderator
21.The Mystic Nine Tetralogy - Hungarian Moderator
22.Radio Romance -Hungarian Moderator


Finished Projects:
1.Queen for Seven Days - Hungarian Moderator
2.The Facetale: Cinderia - Hungarian Moderator
3.Magic Cell Phone- Hungarian Moderator 
4.Alice: Boy From Wonderland- Hungarian Moderator (movie)
5.Love Forecast - Hungarian Moderator(movie)
6.Life Risking Romance-Hungarian Moderator (movie)
7.Part-Time Spy - Hungarian Moderator (movie)
8.Leiji Matsumoto's OZMA - Hungarian Moderator
9.The Bride - Hungarian Moderator (movie)
10.School 2017- Hungarian Moderator
11.My Little Princess -Hungarian Moderator

                                                      The best moments 
Playful kiss:



I hear your voice:

Fall in love with me:

Just you:

Refresh Man:

Descendants of the sun:

Protect the Boss:


Whirlwind Girl:


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: