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  • When One Day I Will Sleep

    When One Day I Will Sleep

    EN 100% Japan
    Trailer 30s
    Updated 1 day ago
  • Pops in Seoul

    Pops in Seoul

    EN 0% Korea
    Episode 4056: Giv...
    Updated 3 days ago
  • Dive


    EN 100% Mainland China
    Behind the Scenes 1
    Updated 5 days ago

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  • Reviews - Love and Destiny


    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! This drama has the cliche costume script but the leads are so outstanding that the script means nothing and the acting means everything. So well-acted and mature. There is some serious chemistry that has your bones melting. This costume piece is on a whole other level of costume dramas...

  • Reviews - The Untamed


    Watch at your own risk. Expect a shortage of tissue. Unsuspecting joy. A bromance like no other. The feels in this drama will break you into pieces and gluing them back together will take everything you have to do so. Each and every character was played to perfection. Even the antagonist's story will have you shed an ungodly amount of tears. The novel is a classic in its own right. Even though the BL of the story was removed, the romance still exists. The flavor is excellent. The flow and gist of the main parts of the story are exceptional. You don't need "bedroom" scenes to feel the love between both main characters. The impression of this drama left me stunned beyond comprehension. I don't even know what life is anymore. It's enough to say that I can't go on because the story affected me to eternity. Wei Ying + Lan Zhan = Forever

  • Reviews - Lion Pride


    This drama has far surpassed what I originally thought of it. It's got the right tone, comedy, romance, intrigue to keep you glued to the screen. The two leads have perfect chemistry with the the male supporting character strumming a funny/creative bromance with the lead. Taking math out of school and using it brilliantly in a drama. How creative can this be...