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  • Reviews - Personal Taste


    Unless you're an Lee Min Ho fan, I don't think this drama will be of any interest. I loved the premise and it was dealt with well, but the plot quickly became so klichéed it almost hurt. The acting was often pretty bad, at best bland and sometimes atrocious. The lighting, sets and costumes made the entire thing have that second-rate, artificial feel where you never get invested, because it's so obvious they are actors in a studio. At one point I gave up entirely and only came back to it because I'm a completist, so it took me months to finish. All in all, I'd say it's a complete waste of time...

  • kaybee23


    Oh dear. Where to begin? With how much I loved and cried over the first 4 episodes? With how annoyed I started getting midway through ep 4? With how I stopped watching for a month, forgot why I did that, started watching again and then quickly remembered the multiple reasons for abandoning it, yet somehow still finished it (I blame my completism for that)? Or maybe the wooden personality of Se Jong and Hae Ra, the fact that the actor and actress playing them were just as wooden or that Se Jong was completely unbelievable as an idol, esp considering that he looks about 35? Or maybe how all the main love interests for Hae Ra treated her like she didn't have feelings of her own that mattered? Or the amount of ridiculous and illogical decisions and actions made by the over-the-top 1D villains? Or the fact that the same can be said for the main leads? Certainly, the fact that their voices sounded fatigued halfway in should get mentioned as well. And that there were subplots left hanging (eg I'm pretty sure Baro's character mentioning that other guy was supposed to have led to Ray finding his biological parents). Really, the only good things about this were Jinyoung (never even knew who he was before, so no, not a biased fan), who somehow managed to feel like two different people despite Ray's weird takeover of Se Chan's life, Henry (I can't believe I'm saying this, he annoyed me so much in Oh My Venus, but he was so sweet here), Uri (and the fact that she didn't have to loose weight to get the guy (FINALLY that happens in a kdrama!)), Jang Goon and all the meta-stuff and other mixings of the real world with the fictional (Pinocchio, Star Empire and Kpop Star references, to mention a few). It's a drama that wanted to do a lot, but mostly dropped the ball. And while the OST, an integral part of a musical drama, was great in the beginning, eventually it became boring and repetitive. Final verdict? Disappointed. (Odd how I continually find myself disappointed in the dramas that's made me cry the most. And they're usually muscial dramas too (case in point - Dream High. Boy, did KSH make me cry my eyes out even though I didn't generally like that drama.)

  • Reviews - Wild Romance


    Liked it at first, but the male lead has a serious problem with violence and it's just treated as if beating someone up due to verbal provocation is completely understandable. Had to stop watching at ep 8 because it bugged me so much. Lee Dong Wook did a great job with the character, it's just the writing that is seriously flawed (in more ways than one).