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  • Reviews - Boys Over Flowers


    Just plain awful. Had to fast forward through most scenes after ep 14 or so, it got really boring and was so predictable and clichéd. The only saving grace was Kim Bum as Yi Jung, YJ's relationship with Ga Eul (some of it) and the actress who played Jun Pyo's mother. I did like Lee Min Ho a lot more in this than in Personal Preference though, here he's at least, you know, acting. He's doing a pretty good job with an awful script, director etc and really carried the drama - which was felt immensely in the episodes where he wasn't around much. There was no chemistry between him and the actress playing Jan Di though and basically the only ones with chemistry were YJ and GE. KHJ's acting was atrocious, probably the worst I have ever seen and even worse than in Playful Kiss where the lack of emotional scenes for his character at least made sure he wasn't unbearable to watch. Even his walking sometimes seemed stiff and unnatural! I mean, what?? How's that even possible? There was practically no continuity, neither with plot or characters' personalities and a lot of the time nothing really made sense. The sets were pretty bad and the OST was plain awful. Really, this is just a waste of time, except for the fact that it's become a Kdrama classic and thus you kind of have to watch it to get a lot of references. It took me three tries just to get past episode 1 though and the satisfaction of finally knowing what everyone's talking about is almost completely drowned out by the feeling of having wasted 25 hrs of my life on this. I did manage to somewhat enjoy the beginning and I've had a LOT of laughs due to all it's flaws (like, HOW does anyone talk on the phone with a helmet between it and ones ear? Tell me your secret Ji Hoo! I'm pretty sure he must have super powers..), HOWEVER I just can't bring myself to give it more than one star, it might be worth 2 stars, for the above mentioned actors, but for now I just can't do it... I'm too mad at how much time went into watching this.

  • Reviews - Personal Taste


    Unless you're an Lee Min Ho fan, I don't think this drama will be of any interest. I loved the premise and it was dealt with well, but the plot quickly became so klichéed it almost hurt. The acting was often pretty bad, at best bland and sometimes atrocious. The lighting, sets and costumes made the entire thing have that second-rate, artificial feel where you never get invested, because it's so obvious they are actors in a studio. At one point I gave up entirely and only came back to it because I'm a completist, so it took me months to finish. All in all, I'd say it's a complete waste of time...

  • Reviews - Madame Antoine


    All the actors were great, YR+JH were super cute and fun and the SC+MR story was very moving and sweet. But the main plot ended up going in circles, the drama ended up only being about the experiment and the ending felt rather weak. A lot of possibly interesting subplots like SC's injury/nowhere-going-career/hyung-who-hates-him and HR's child/divorce were just left in the dust. And while I really loved Sung Joon's acting, making him play a 36 yo is too much of a stretch and I didn't feel any chemistry between his character and HR. If not for the sidestories, this would've been really awful, but because of them it was still somewhat enjoyable.