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  • Reviews - Wild Romance


    Liked it at first, but the male lead has a serious problem with violence and it's just treated as if beating someone up due to verbal provocation is completely understandable. Had to stop watching at ep 8 because it bugged me so much. Lee Dong Wook did a great job with the character, it's just the writing that is seriously flawed (in more ways than one).

  • Reviews - Gu Family Book


    So addicting! It had a gazillion flaws in logic and some of the actors weren't the best, but wow... It still managed to be SO good. It was sweet, sometimes silly, sometimes sad and ultimately satisfying while still leaving you wanting more. Lee Seung Gi was born to play a gumiho lol, he's got that playful wink in his eye along with that childish smile and even though there are better actors, he's always 100% his character and makes you feel his pain. And he just lights up the screen :)

  • Reviews - Coffee Prince


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