Hey everybody ,

I'm Kelysha and i'm Angolese (Angola , Africa).

I am old and young enough , i talk dutch , french , portugese , english and a little bit turkish.

I'm a fan of Asian drama's i don't care if its from taiwan or korea i like everything , i watch bollywood movies too i'm variant so i like to see and to hear everything from other countries. 

I live in Belgium , my bestfriend think i'm crazy because i watch Asian things and Indian too she said that i am not normal haha and when i sing a song of 2NE1 she goes crazy but my sisters are like me they watch Asian drama's too. I'm a fan of 2NE1 , Bigbang , ShiNee and Gummy. I listen to other artist too ! 

It's fine to be a Viki member , i like the comments in every movie and drama its like you watching it with you bestfriend. 


Saranghee ! Kelysha