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If you’re looking for a good romance drama, here are my recommendations (only because I actually finished these dramas, which is rare cos I’ve dropped so many):


Bubu Jing Xin (10/10) – I cried for a week and my heart ached for a month.

Lang Ling Wang (9.5/10) – Ariel Lin was amazing, the songs in the drama was also very catchy.

Boss and me (9.5/10) – such a sweet drama.

My little princess (8/10) – I swear, lead guy Mike D’Angelo looks like a young version of William Feng from Lang Ling Wang.

Fiancée (8.5/10) Dennis Oh is so oh… he’s so gorgeous… ex-model and all. I wish he made more dramas.

Loving never forgetting – (9/10) Jerry Yan is so good.

Go princess go (9/10) – I laughed my ass off in this one.

Girl in Blue (8/10) – cry me a river.

Best time (8/10) – first encounter with Wallace Chung, I felt so unjust for Wallace.

My sunshine (8/10) – Wallace Chung again (Tiffany Tang was annoying) if only they used another leading lady. Tiffany kisses like a cold fish.

Princess Weiyoung (8.5/10) – Tiffany Tang brought down the rating again, but wait… who’s this new guy, Luo Jin? How can you date Tiffany in real life, I’m willing to date you… hehehe.

Yun Zhong Ge or Songs in the Cloud (8.5/10) – Angela Baby is so pretty… if only she could act. But overall, pretty good.

Sound of the Dessert (9/10) – another Cecilia Liu drama (loved her in Bubu Jing Xin), unfortunately I never finished Imperial Doctoress. But wait, Eddie Peng… who is this hottie, never seen any of his shows before, that’s because he mainly does movies, darn.

Journey of flower (8.5/10) – Wallace Huo … another Wallace, I’m just destined to be with a Wallace. LOL, sorry, but ‘Teacher and Student’ relationship does not do it for me.

Novoland: The castle in the Sky (7/10) – the ending ruined it for me.

General and I (9/10) – sorry, I had to give this one a high score cos it’s my beloved Wallace Chung… sigh.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (9.5/10) – Wow, and who is this Mark Chao, not good looking at first, but soooooo grows on you.



Murphy’s Law (8/10) – Danson Tang so grew on me, best elevator scene.

Marry me or not (8.5/10) – Roy Chiu, love his facial expressions. Such a great actor, thank goodness you didn’t marry Tiffany Tang in real life… let her loose on Luo Jin… oh no!!!


Kdrama (haven’t watched many but the one’s I’ve seen have been really good):

W (9.5/10) – so different for anything I’ve seen. Element of surprise.

She was pretty (8/10) – a nice drama

The Heirs (8.5/10) – who doesn’t love Lee Min Ho?

Boys over flowers (?/10) – watched it too long ago, but I remembered liking it.


Drama’s I’ve dropped but on the radar to finish one day…

When a snail falls in love

Love me if you dare

Nirvana in Fire


Rcommend me something is you come across something good. Cheers. 

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