Choosing the Right Hedge Trimmers

There are various gardening equipments, among them are hedge trimmers online . They are used to easily trim hedges. They come in different types, sizes and quality. They may either be motorized or manual. So how do you choose the right one?

First, you have to consider the size of your property. For larger trimming jobs, it is ideal to use gas trimmers & hedgers do offer good power as well as mobility. For smaller yards, you can use electric & re chargeable trimmers.

You should also take note of the tasks that your trimmer will be used for. Electric or rechargeable models are for light trimming while gas trimmer and hedger will measure up very well in heavy-duty trimming as that is what they are specifically designed for.

Another thing that you have to consider when buying a trimmer is the shaft. You either choose between a straight one and a curved one. Using the straight trimmers will make it really easy to reach the under fences & bushes. Curved trimmers, on the other hand, make it easy to trim the close objects as well. They are also more easy to use because of their balanced design.

There are three basic types of trimmers:

1. Electric:This works by means of an extension cord. For this type of trimmer, a number of blade lengths are available for you to choose from. The basic rule here is when the blade is long, it can trim higher hedges. The weight of an electric trimmer depends on the model. As to the extension cord, its best not to exceed 100 feet also take note of the manufacturers recommendation. Keep in mind that the longer the extension cord is, the higher the wires gauge must be. This type of trimmer requires little maintenance. You just have to keep the blade clean and lubricated.

2. Cordless:The basic reason why most people choose this type of trimmer is its unrestricted mobility. Unlike the electric trimmer, you do not have to worry about the extension cord. You cannot trip on it as it does not have one to start with. You can also easily reach distant areas with ease, saving you more time. This type can be used for delicate trimming. It can be used to give special shapes to shrubs. The batteries can usually be used for 30-40 minutes, depending on the model and the type of work to be done. Make it a point to charge the batteries at least once every three months to keep the cells active and also to avoid their oxidation.