Kim Bum + Kim So Eun = SoEulMates by mimi.D =X.

hii my name is kimberly and I live in California I am Philippine and I know a lot
about Japanese because my mom worked in a japanese restutant when i was little
so she knows a lot about it too^^

I am in love with So-Eulcouple and i think they are very cute I always love their drama
such as The Man Who Cant Get Married and Dream. Kim bum is in the Phillipines
right now doing commercials and stuff but he is going to help from the storm in the
phillippines .

The languages I only speak is: a little bit of korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Spanish, and Chinese...

I also think that the jonas brothers are awesome....and I think miley cyrus is matter what you say...

if you need help from any of your channels or need subbing just message me and I will respond....kind of...

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