Current Status: Sorry leaving early for school on some days so may not have time to segment on air dramas.   Spring break: 3/17-3/26

Graduate of "The Segmenter 101 Project" on 3/27/14. lol My progress chart video links were lost when Viki updated the site. 
A BIG WHOLEHEARTED THANK YOU to my dear Seg 101 mentor, RoxieHar. ❀◕‿◕❀ 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday
Whisper Whisperto5/16 SaimdangLD SaimdangLDto5/4 FatherIS FatherISto8/20
RebelTWStP RebelTWStPto5/9 ChiefKim
PerfectWife PerfectWifeto4/18 MagicStar* MagicStar*  
*if uploaded early
Sideprojects: Sparrow HotGirl BIOGhost TIOTG BS PIS OS1 GD(QCsegsonly)    
(3/25 Sa/Sun)
5/10,W/Th,TF SLD)
(June,M/T,TF Whisper)

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