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  • Hot Girl

    Hot Girl

    EN 100% China
    Episode 32
    Updated 3 months ago
  • School 2017

    School 2017

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 15
    Updated 3 months ago
  • Switch of Fate

    Switch of Fate

    EN 100% China
    Episode 20
    Updated 3 months ago

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  • kkamjong88


    This was one of my favorite dramas, and it still is. The acting and the script is just asdfghjkl. Although the ending wast a bit strange, the fact that Do Min Joon didn't die is just perfect. I must mention the best part of the story was when Cheon Song Yi woke up and remembered all the things that she did a night ago. I rewatched it with my mom and we both loved it. Thank you for this amazing drama ~^-^~