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broken heartMARCH 2017: ON HIATUSbroken heart





Hi, I'm Jennifer, a multilingual, multifandom Kpop aficionado who watches a ton of Kdramas and foreign movies.  I'm here to help my fellow drama lovers of all languages! wink  I'm a recent graduate (Class of July 2016) of NSSA Segmenting Academy and as of October, 2016 am a Level 4 and 5 Sensei and Panelist. 

My strengths are English editing, segmenting, and transcribing. I speak English and Spanish fluently and some Korean.  I can do spreadsheets and even your taxes and  I look forward to working with you on the channels or as your segmenting Sensei!heart

Date Drama Languages Role Completed
Project Timeline
Mar 2017 The K2 Korean Segmenter Mar 2017
Jan 2017 Before and After Plastic Surgery Clinic Korean Segmenter Jan 2017
Jan 2017 Secretly Greatly Korean Chief Segmenter, English Moderator  
Jan 2017 2016 SBS Drama Awards Korean Chief Segmenter, English Moderator Jan 2017
Jan 2017 Solomon's Perjury Korean Segmenter Jan 2017
Dec 2016 My Mom and My Mother-In-Law 2 Chinese Segmenter  
Dec 2016 Merry Mary Chinese Segmenter Jan 2017
Dec 2016 Hwarang Korean Segmenter Feb 2017
Nov 2016 Into The Sunlight Korean Segmenter Dec 2016
Nov 2016 Twinkle Twinkle Korean Segmenter Dec 2016
Nov 2016 The Girl in Blue Chinese Segmenter Dec 2016
Nov 2016 The Secret Lover Korean, English English Editor Nov 2016
Oct 2016 ----------------->   NSSA Sensei and Panelist Ongoing
Oct 2016 The Suicide Forecast Korean, English Channel Manager Nov 2016
Oct 2016 2016 DMC Festival Korean, English Chief Segmenter, English Moderator  
Sep 2016 Alice: Boy From Wonderland Korean, English Segmenter Sep 2016
Aug 2016 Our Gap Soon Korean, English Segmenter  
Aug 2016 ----------------->   NSSA Instructor training Ongoing
Aug 2016 When It's At Night English, Korean Segmenter and English Subtitler Sep 2016
July 2016 My Life's Golden Age English, Korean English Editor Dec 2016
  My Beloved Sister Korean, English Segmenter and English Subtitler Nov 2016
July 2016 Gye Baek Korean, English English Moderator Dec 2016
  Soulmate Korean, English Eng Transcriber, English Editor July 2016
  The Duo Korean, English Eng Transcriber  
June 2016 What's Up Fox Korean, English Eng Transcriber June 2016
  One Fine Day Korean,English Eng Transcriber May 2016
  Yi San Korean, English Eng Transcriber Mar 2016
  General Hospital 2 Korean,English Eng Moderator and Editor Nov 2016
  Runaways Season 2 English Sub, Editor Feb 2016
  Runaways Season 1 English Sub, Editor Feb 2016












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