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  • Three Sisters

    Three Sisters

    EN 24% Bangladesh
    Three Sisters
    Updated over 4 years ago
  • The Bra Thief

    The Bra Thief

    EN 98% Indonesia
    The Bra Thief - F...
    Updated about 5 years ago
  • Definitely Neighbors

    Definitely Neighbors

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 15
    Updated over 5 years ago

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  • Reviews - Madame Antoine


    Please bring. I have not seen it. This vote is just to get it to Viki.

  • lamees


    If you are a women's rights magnet this drama is not for you, it will just make you angry. If you are here for the comedy it's a good one. The "Made in China" lines still crack me up. Very little flashbacks, good looking cast and a heart warming bromance. Because they are scholars there is good amount of literary jargon that can easily be forwarded. Now for the romance, I did not enjoy it. Others will disagree, this is just my opinion. The main lead was greatly lacking. Very dry and overly righteous. The first time he smiled(ep8ithink) a shiver went up my spine. Even his character development was very jagged and overall he remained the same. The other three main casts were deep, strong traits and fun to watch. User comments were very good. There a some missing subs that are translated in the comments. Very witty and entertaining. I do recommend to leave them off for the first 2-3 episodes for any drama.

  • Reviews - Shopaholic Louis


    Cant wait...LOVE In Guk. So nice to see him back to back on something.