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  • Marry Him If You Dare

    Marry Him If You Dare

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 14
    Updated about 1 year ago
  • Real Men

    Real Men

    EN 43% Korea
    Episode 71
    Updated over 1 year ago
  • Radio Star

    Radio Star

    EN 0% Korea
    Episode 565
    Updated about 2 years ago

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  • leeminho4eva


    best drama that is out right now including fight my way, but it keeps you waiting and rewatching. I've wait for next week's episode that I keep rewatching the ones that are out. It's THAT good. And yes ofc we all felt annoyed by the main girl in the beginning but it gets better dw Edit. I despise the ending. I cant even listen to the OST anymore without hating the writer

  • leeminho4eva


    It is such trash. like it's disgusting how they think harassment is romance, smh

  • leeminho4eva


    Tried watching it but why is it so boring??? I love the lead man but its too boring for me to watch