Hi, I'm a brazilian girl lost around the world ~~


>>>>>No momento não estou pegando nenhum projeto, até finalizar os que estão em andamento.<<<<<
Quer ajudar nas legendas do viki!? Pergunte-me como, farei questão de lhe ajudar. :)

- We Got Married (Channel Manager) - on air -  RECRUITING KOR-ENG SUBBERS AND SEGMENTERS
- Running Man (Moderator) - on air -  RECRUITING KOR-ENG SUBBERS AND SEGMENTERS

On hold:
- My girlfriend is a Gumiho (Moderator)
- We Got Married-Global Edition (Moderator)




  photo Segmenting-Graduate-Badge



The K2 (Moderator)

I really really like you (Eng Subtitler)

Tong - Memories (Moderator)

♦ Our Gap Soon (Moderator)

Warrior Baek Dong Soo (Subtitler)

Doctors (Moderator)

♦ Monster (Moderator)

Can you hear my heart? (Moderator)

Moorim School (Subtitler) 

Remember (Subtitler) 

Last (Subtitler) 

♦ Coffee Prince  (Moderator)

Shark (Subtitler) 

Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident (Moderator)

♦ Master's Sun  (Moderator) 

♦ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Moderator)

Personal Taste (Subtitler) 

♦ Goddess of Marriage (Subtitler) 

Love Rain (Subtitler) 



♦ We Got Married - Global Edition (Moderator)

We Got Married (Channel Manager)

Running Man (Moderator)

ItsJinaKim (Channel Manager)



The Happy Life (Moderator)

Whatcha Wearin' (Subtitler) 

A Werewolf Boy (Subtitler) 

The boys who cried wolf (Moderator)

Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet (Moderator)



♦ BTOB (Moderator)

FT Island (Moderator)

Orange Caramel (Moderator)





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