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  • Maiden Holmes

    Maiden Holmes

    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 1
    Updated 8 days ago
  • Entertainer


    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 2
    Updated 4 months ago
  • Oh My Venus

    Oh My Venus

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 3
    Updated 5 months ago

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  • Reviews - Die Now


    This is a drama I looked forward to a lot, considering the gaming aspect. All in all, I enjoyed watching Die Now. The plot was intriguing and very interesting, the design is a success. The hero is very smart, the mysteries involve brain powers. However, I did find some scenes very over-dramatic. Some plot holes are addressed only when convenient for the flow, meaning that the hero can be super smart at times, but will seem stupid sometimes. Also, know that the end is not really an ending. The 20 episodes end with a cliffhanger, not giving away one of the answer we really want. I hope for a season 2!

  • Reviews - Flipped


    The drama began quite straightforwardly. Funny, cute, with hints of mystery. I loved the beginning. Unfortunately, the storyline went downhill halfway, as the drama couldn't handle all those genres at once. It focused either on the fantasy stuff, which was interesting, either on the fuffly romance, either on the thriller side. No balance whatsoever. Plus, many subplots didn't convince me at all. A pity.

  • Reviews - Angry Mom


    C'est un drama intense qui traite d’un sujet sensible et difficile, duquel on ne ressort pas indemne. Tous les personnages sont liés mais évoluent aussi individuellement. Il y a aussi des moments tendres, comiques, et surtout, il cherche à transmettre un message important. Savant mélange de focus sur l'amour familial, le harcèlement à l'école, la corruption de la société, le pouvoir et l'argent. Belle réalisation (jolis jeux de lumière et musiques décalées), des acteurs incroyables, j'aime !