About me...


★☆Hi! I'm Lou Guevara, and I'm from Mexico City.☆★

 I have a great love for Asia, for their culture, food, music, dramas, fashion and and much more...

 ♥ Thailand ♥ China ♥ Japan ♥ Korea ♥ Taiwan ♥

I am a university student, my major is Management and I am proud to be part of my beloved UNAM.

 The cats are my worship ♡, I like to practice sport (tennis and frontenis), reading, watching anime and dramas,

 listen to music, and  sing, sing and keep singing ... ♪♪ ~ 



 If you need help, I'm English - Spanish subber,

Spanish - English subber, Spanish Editor and also transcriber. 


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 High School Drive | Spanish Moderator

 3am Dangerous Zone | Spanish Moderator

 The Lost Tomb | Spanish Moderator

 Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony | Moderator

 Made in Cartagena | Spanish Moderator

 Torrent of Passions | Spanish Moderator

 Esencia de Amor | Spanish Moderator

 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Season 1

 Music Matters for Japan | Spanish Moderator



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 Akdong Musician | Spanish Moderator

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 Angry mom 


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