lunelis: lo͞on lē [moon lily] French.
Hi! I'm Kriss (Kristen). On Viki I mostly do English editing work, but I love working as a manager, too. As you can tell, I've been on Viki since the beginning, and I've watched the community grow and change over the last nine years. I started out as just a viewer, but then got into volunteering in 2012. I've worked as a segmenter, moderator, editor, and manager.
I like sleeping and reading, and I'm an artist in the real world. When I'm not on Viki, I'm likely reading, reviewing, collecting, and organizing my library of books. 
Please feel free to message me! If you get no response, please resend.

My first language is English and it is the only language I consider myself perfectly fluent in. As a high school student, I studied German for two years and Japanese for one. I do not recall much Japanese, but I can still read German at an elementary level. I have watched TV in Chinese and Korean for approximately eleven years, so from immersion I am familar with a variety of words and phrases.

Ironically, despite my username being French, I do not speak the language at all.


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Handsome Guy and Jung Eum/The Undatables - Chief Editor (awaiting poster for icon)

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