UPDATE: 22/05/2016

Wow... it's been years since I've last signed into Viki... It's a joy to come back and revisit all the great memories I've made on this awesome website. On the other hand, it's very sad to think back on why I left those years ago. I'm reading all the messages that my dear friends have left me, some of them are from years ago. Thank you, my lovely friends. I have thought of you often and I will reach out to you all very soon. I am also very sorry that I couldn't do so earlier.

I'm slowly going to refresh my Photoshop "skills". I loved doing channel designs so I hope to be able do make some more designs in the future!

NOTICE: 23/02/2012

I'm back (again), I'm sorry for not being here, I've been coping with some personal problems. Hope all is well with everyone, I will get back to you asap!

I'm FULLY booked until JUNE as a Page Designer. Please contact me if you're in need of a Page Designer after AUGUST.

Busy busy busy But I'm still working on everything. It just takes a little longer than I would like >__<

About me
23 years old
Born and raised in the Netherlands
Law student
Member of the Star Family
5"11 tall
Single kekeke
Drama addict
Wannabe singer

Photoshop nub
Cool auntie
In love with more than one Korean actor

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Love Rain (with our Viki Designer winner of 2011 serenasf!)
Doll Mask
Ward Number 3

Fall in Love 2
The King


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