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  • Eternal Love

    Eternal Love

    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 58
    Updated about 2 months ago
  • NSSA Basic 2

    NSSA Basic 2

    EN 38% United States
    Episode 16
    Updated 3 months ago
  • Legend of the Phoenix

    Legend of the Phoenix

    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 26
    Updated 5 months ago

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  • Reviews - Our Glamorous Time


    To be honest I'm not sure how I should review this show. I have to admit the story was interesting enough to watch the journey of the leads and the secondary characters. And compared to other dramas in the same genre, this is of course a good thing which weighted heavy in my rating. However, it doesn't take away the flaws that this show had. All the obstacles and the villains in this show were rather written simply and defeated effortlessly. Of course I do realize that I shouldn't expect the same level of complexity in the antagonist but for a well balanced story it would have been much more interesting. Same goes for the fillers in this story. To be able to continue with the story I had to fast forward a lot after 20th episode until the end. In the same story could have be told in 30 episodes and it would still have been long enough. Also the fact that the second lead and the third lead were flirting their way with two female characters to keep the tension was rather not tasteful. The most disappointing factor in this show was the great presence of the FL's brother. The writer could have worked so many story-lines with this character that he was just wasted throughout the drama to be used as a last unnecessary obstacle in the main leads relationship. The actor who played the brother had a strong and intimating presence and with its background it could have made the story much more interesting. A wasted opportunity indeed. While all the characters got their happy ending we can argue how convincing their romance was. All by all this story was mainly focussed on the realization of the main couple where the rest of the characters who had a significant importance were the extra's. Those who are just looking for a sweet story where the couple gets a happy ending I would totally recommend this show for you. Those like me who expect more from a drama if you wont mind fast forwarding while watching a drama its still a decent show to binge when you have nothing else to watch.

  • Reviews - Queen of Mystery


    Original story line. It's interesting and touching story. Funny and not boring at all. It makes you laugh! Therefore, it deserves more appreciation and respect to the great actors, rather than some dramas only have model leads with handsome/beautiful faces. I would recommand this for people who look beyond the fancy faces, I assure you will not regret it! Enjoy!

  • Reviews - Chicago Typewriter


    Despite the melodramatic and historical elements Chicago Typewriter felt surprisingly new and refreshing. The heart-warming story of friendship that transcends time combined with the message of sacrifice, loyalty and right dose of patriotism during the darker times in Korean history makes this story stand out as it never looses focus until the very last minute. Chapeau to the writer for creating a strong/engaging story and the actors that have brought life to these awesome characters.